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  1. Never went barefoot myself. Have you tried thin polypro socks? They just wick the sweat away from your feet into the boot.
  2. Never ridden it but I’ve seen it. I’d train blind-folded, they don’t call it Big White-out for nothing.
  3. Looks like purpleheart to me. At any rate, very pretty.
  4. My hard boot setup is flexier than most, I recall trying on a pair of Driver Xs and finding them surprisingly stiff. My goal is to not try to compete with or replace my hard boot rig so softer is OK. But let’s not get ridiculous here, I’m not buying a pair of Rulers and a Huckknife.
  5. Gone to the dark side... Didn’t intend to buy this quick but my local shop had last year’s Ions in my size for 30% off. They fit pretty good after a mould but we can always remould or even punch them out. They don’t have Boa but the leather is really nice. After trying them on I have no interest in the Photons, these are already soft enough. Combined with the Genesis X’s I bought from Jack I should be good to go with a so far reasonably low cash outlay.
  6. I live in Saskatchewan. 10 days is a good year for me.
  7. I’m a little over 6’ and 190 lbs but as I said runners build so that weight is misleading. I must carry most of it in my legs. When I get below 185 I start to get people asking if I have cancer.
  8. I wouldn't characterize the fit of my Arc'teryx jacket as baggy. I have the Rush shell, which is their design for skiing as opposed to climbing. I've got a reasonably slim runners build, I usually wear a slim-fit large or a medium shirt depending on brand. I have a size L jacket and it fits pretty much exactly as I want a shell to fit: enough room for a large fleece or two lightweight ones, but nothing extra beyond that.
  9. I know you nitpick the details of their product but I like it. Be nice if it was still made in Canada.
  10. Aesthetically the TNF gear sucks, at least it does for me. Super happy with my Arc'Teryx jacket (as seen in my Avatar), although it was pricey.
  11. I'm seriously considering picking up a pair of softies but I am also cursed with wide feet. Weirdly, I'm thinking of avoiding a super-stiff setup. Not sure there's a point to having a soft setup that is for the same purpose as my hardboot gear. I don't want a pair of noodles though either. The Photon Wides seem like a good candidate for what I want. Anyone have any experience with them? Ultimately I think I'd like to get something like a Jones Flagship. Just having the softies will let me demo some boards though.
  12. Picked up a Mont-Bell fleece at a retailer in Denver, so you may be able to find them locally. Very nice quality, a little pricey but not crazy. I think it was $90 or maybe $100. The fit is definitely on the slim side.
  13. I really like EC when it is done well. I've seen it be more flop and use the edge to recover, and I don't care for that. However, whatever floats your boat. It's all fun on the snow.
  14. How is the fit on these? Narrow, regular, wide?
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