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  1. Why would you want drop deck for ldp? I’m using a Cinnett front, Tracker rear. It works well for cheap , but then I haven’t tried any of the fancier rigs.
  2. Are you really sure you want to look like that second guy? I mean I have it on good authority that he’s from Winnipeg.
  3. I’ve been there on a fairly big day (to watch, not surf) and that shorebreak is scary as hell. Mostly boogyboarders.
  4. That pic from the 60’s, what an absolute unit he was back then! I feel less manly just looking at it.
  5. Do they keep replacing them? Maybe their designers need to get some feedback from you.
  6. Usually they are clueless. But clearly, some boards are faster than others. I often pass people gliding on the flats, which I attribute to having a decent waxing job. But it might also be the length and width of the surface. If I could be arsed to structure the base it would be even faster. On edge and turning, most of our boards are more stable and will ride a clean edge at higher radii and speed than most recreational snowboards. They are damp, stiff and comfortable at speeds that would or should frighten most soft-booters. So when someone asks me if my board is fast, I just say yes.
  7. Nice picture, softbootsurfer!
  8. My point is that frontside/backside are confusing. See this thread, for example.
  9. These turns are all left turns, some on heelside and some are frontside. Are you saying all left turns are backside?
  10. It may be clear to you but not to many. You could have just as easily shown surfers turning off the lip and then the rotation is reversed. Plus we are not surfing. I’d say 99% of snowboarders don’t surf. A way higher percentage skate and use the terms opposite to the way you do. That’s why heel and toe are more clear.
  11. If you are going up the wave and turning off the lip, frontside would be a left turn for regular foot or right for goofy. Skaters took this terminology when riding pools. As you come up the wall, either concrete or water, the frontside rotation is the one that initially causes you to face the wall. Maybe those terms get reversed in surfing during a bottom turn as you would turn the opposite way there to face the wave. But in skateboarding we don’t have bottom turns so a frontside rotation is always left for regular foot. In snowboarding if you launch off a kicker and rotate it’s a frontside rotation if you spin left as a regular foot. Similarly in skating if you are launching a set of stairs or something. There’s no argument on what you call rotations. It’s the turns on the snow that get confusing. People who have no skate/surf background will say frontside is a right turn for regular because you are turning towards your front. Skaters will say it’s a left turn because frontside is always viewed as if you are going up the wall or off the jump. I guess surfers say right as they view it all as a bunch of bottom turns. It’s much clearer to say toeside or heelside. Everyone understands that.
  12. Nice photo! Many people including myself who come from skating or surfing backgrounds would call those frontside turns. So to save confusion I always just say heelside.
  13. That's kind of terrible. Why show them taking off the jump and then cut away before the landing? Why bother showing them skidding turns down the cat track? They had the chance to make a pretty nice mini-movie there with those beautiful conditions and two good skiers and blew it. By the way around these parts LBS stands for Liquor Board Store, the government booze shop and until recent years the only place you could buy hard liquor.
  14. I have an Asym Air with a similar look, only red-stained.
  15. There's nothing wrong with going fast enough to not be able to make a carve back up the hill to control it. We don't always have to link Cs. Sometimes I like to put the hammer down. So long as you're in control it's all good, just another way of having fun. It's why I got into hard boots in the first place: 80s style Sims bindings over ski-liner stuffed Sorels were not cutting it at the speeds I like to run.
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