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  1. That comment gave me a great laugh, to top off a really informative post. I guess if I can't figure out how to use my adjustable spanner to work on my multi-speed bicycle because my shoelaces got caught in the chain, I'm even more lost.
  2. Jcar - just to be clear about the floppy bails on Cateks, there's some friction holding the bails up and they won't flop down on their own unless there's a lot of wear in the toe or heel blocks. But if you accidentally step on or kick the bail, it will push right down. Plus stepping on the bails accelerates the wear that makes them more floppy.
  3. The old alpinecarving website (not updated in ~10 years) has some good photos: http://www.alpinecarving.com/binding_model.html And here's an exploded view: And, the toe and heel bails can flop down on Cateks, but you can rig up spring or piece of rubber to hold the bails up. There was a thread with some other ides for this. Note that the photo also shows a TD3 steel heel receiver modified to fit a Catek binding. And one more FYI - Catek offered an upgraded "D2" elastomer set that was thicker and offered a little more isolation. The original elastomers were green. the D2 are the gray ones. As others said, the spherical nuts are the essential custom part. If you buy Cateks, make sure those are not missing.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up Forrest. I figured I'd bump this up in case people hadn't seen it.
  5. It would be interesting to work out how you're doing versus the theoretical turn radius of the board. For example, a board tipped up at 60 degrees from horizontal, with the edge pressed evenly into the surface, creates a theoretical arc with about half the sidecut radius of the board (ignoring variable sidecut, contact variations due to torsional flex, etc., etc.). So if you complete each turn as a full 180 degree arc, you can work out how many turns would fit into a given length of run.
  6. I'm interested if they're 26-26.5, but shipping from Denmark might be in question...
  7. I think your Raichle 213 boots are pretty old three-buckle boots, To me, that's fine to get the feel of hard booting but most here would probably recommend moving to a four-buckle ( or 5 depending on brand) boot for a more supportive fit. Point is, investing in seeing a bootfitter or getting new liners might not be worth it with the boots you have now. But as far as what boots to look for? I'm using Raichle 225s, hardly much newer than what you have, so probably not the one to advise on improved boots. But others here will have a lot of input.
  8. Thanks SunSurfer. Your setup video was quite helpful too. We're the same height, and I found that my static foot spacing and need for zero canting was essentially the same as yours. It was only last year that I was able to start to get a significant number of days on the hill, and on uncrowded weekdays. Now I need to find a weekday buddy to get some more video of me.
  9. One small market might be (older) adults in the lowlands who don't get to travel much and just get to where skiing a small hill gets old. They want to get out on the snow, they're adults so the park doesn't appeal to them, and carving on a snowboard looks like a new challenge to keep things interesting.
  10. Thanks to everyone's comments, I think I found a major flaw (one of many?) in my riding. I haven't been bending my front leg enough. Somehow, I developed a style where I'm carving, and linking turns but the back leg is controlling things. That's why I appear to have the back leg pinched in behind the front, and perhaps why the forward stance seems to work. I got out yesterday and consciously pushed the front leg to bend more and that seems to give me much control over turn radius and how far I can hold the carve before transitioning to the next turn. Everything works with my stance centered on the insert pattern too. It's amazing how something so simple never became evident until I could see myself and get some input from better riders.
  11. I've thought about the problem of getting new people started as well, without coming up with a good solution. I've had lots of people say they'd really like to try "one of those boards" and adult snowboards who think the Intec bindings are so nice. And I too have offered people equipment to try but never had any takers. But boots are another hurdle there. And Bomber doesn't seem to participate in demos and events like before, which only makes things worse. I actually thought when Bomber was for sale that selling expensive equipment that doesn't wear out has to have market growth to be successful.
  12. OK, thanks Beckmann. I'll work on reducing the forward bias in the stance first.
  13. There may a ray of hope here. The fellow who took the video said this in his email to me: "It looked like you were easing into your morning runs… smart! I saw you later when I walked between buildings… looked like you were carving harder." So while I think these short clips are a good indication of my general riding style (and areas to work on), maybe I already have the ability to push it a little more.
  14. I'm thinking of making a few changes in stance as an experiment, but Beckmann might override this. Since nobody likes the forward stance, I'm positioning the rear binding centered on the inserts, and the front binding 1cm forward of centered. I know the front binding should really control the stance location, but I want to keep a little forward bias just so I'm not changing too much at once. The new binding positions also add 1cm to my stance width. I'm going to tweak my angles to 55 degrees on both bindings. Doing SunSurfers "stand static in your boots" to get reference stance width told me that I really don't need any duck foot open angle on the rear foot. One other small change that might help a bit with the appearance of tucking the knee is that I had a little more forward lean on the back boot BTS. I've now set both boots to be the same. Now if bending my legs more and moving up and down more were just as simple as an equipment tweak. But I saw that problem right away when I got the video. Next week's hard, fast frozen granular should force some more dynamic riding. Fortunately, I'm a weekday guy now so I have lots of room on the hill. lonbordin - Google says Perfect North is 4 hours from me, so you should make me come down there! But that would be hard to do since I can get some real vertical if I drive four hours in the opposite direction.
  15. They must ride at Boston Mills and Brandywine. I got my season pass there years ago, but am now a Snow Trails regular instead. It would be nice to connect with those guys sometime.
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