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  1. Last call 125 plus ship stock liners 175 plus ship intuition
  2. flash sale boots 150 plus ship with stock liners 220 plus ship with intuition liners.
  3. 200 plus ship with stock liners 250 plus ship with intuition power wrap liners.
  4. I have a nidecker spectre 157, you can ride hard or soft with it. I believe they have longer sizes with a bit larger waist.
  5. I know it's my softy board but DB Cooper themed. Ride it like ya stole it.
  6. Hey, I learned this year not to be afraid, and just get into the turn and let the board do the work. For the longest time I had always fell to the vice of thinking too much about everything that I was doing. Now, I have a nice little quiver, with many options to ride, and I have them all pretty much worked out for a purpose. I had initially started on boards that were def not for me, and I never really understood what it would feel like to be on the correct setup. The best advice I got this year was from a gal that was riding hards on my local mountain, and I was talking about angles with her. I always thought that lower angles would be easier to manage, and she brought up the point that if you are running super low angles then you are actually fighting with the board, and not letting it work with you. I have really improved this year, in both hards and softs, and had a great time. Thanks for always being helpful with advice, and supportive. Duffy
  7. there are a couple super stiff bindings I have I have found that Now O-Drives, Burton Diodes, and the old Nidecker carbons are bomb. also, I was just riding my new to me SG Soul today with the Nows and Jones MTB boots. Great ride for sure.
  8. The fella has it on alpine snowboard trader on fb too.
  9. This is a good one. Random dude has to jump on my chair when there is no line. Homeboy has rental skis, and looks at me and says are those pants fast??? I was like huh, and he goes your pants are they fast when you fall and you slide a long ways.. I said I try not to fall but if so I guess.
  10. Hey, I'm not sure how to describe it. when I use my jja bx board with hards, I can get it up on both edges and carve pretty well. but when I put on the spectre the other day it felt very unstable and I def felt locked on my toe side and just skidding all over the place, or just very grabby. it's probably just my terrible form, and that I got scared of it because it was choppy. lol
  11. Haha I bought it and almost died. The bogus snow that fell in Massachusetts was not groomed. I'm far from an experienced hardbooter and it was not a good time. Maybe someone can help me but I felt like my toe to heel transition got stuck?? I have the 157 with a 22 cm waist. My angles were like 40ish low 30s.
  12. I have 2 pairs of head bindings, but I don't really know too much about them.
  13. I have some upz rc 10 in grey with black tongues. I sent you a message
  14. Thanks BB I wasnt sure where to put it. I found one today after many calls to shops. I'll keep everyone posted.
  15. This is what I have found
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