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  1. Article from the Star Tribune, here in Minneapolis. 03APR19
  2. Any late-season reports from Giant's and/or Lutsen? How are things holding-up? I'm contemplating a hooky day, tomorrow (Fri, Mar22), and make for one last trip. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the tips, y'all. I like the Velcro idea.
  4. I've had to remove a couple (perfectly good) of stomp pads, doe to mounting of plate systems. Is it possible to re-use these? Is there a certain method to get these sticking? I thought about epoxy (or the like), but am hesitant due to the permanence of this solution. Any ideas? Thanks. -Brian
  5. Last chance of the season for some quality turns, today. Will be out at lift-open, until it gets sloppy.
  6. MNSurfer


    Poor little guy. He looks lonely.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up! I was going to head there on Sunday. Now I'll have to deal with these ice dams. Thanks.
  8. Beaver. Good call. We only waited for one, single lift. Well, I guess that's our new Saturday joint (which is sad, as the (Breck) gondola is only 100' away).
  9. I like no crowds. And a good bar! As for slow lifts, we're from Minnesota, and have yet to be spoiled by high-speed lifts.
  10. What's the Saturday crowd like, at Cooper? We're looking for a Saturday option, to avoid the Breck crowds.
  11. Another great day at the 'Mill. Empty (at least till 1:00), luscious groom, and chicken on the outdoor grill. I really love this place. The staff is as friendly as it gets, no one is agro, and you never have to look uphill. After 2-hours of ripping apart Run of the Mill, I felt a bit guilty of making a mess of the place.
  12. Wednesday morning was fun. 10" or so the day before, packed-down, and a little bit slow.
  13. Sweet! Saw Ryan under the Mercury lift a few times, that day. I kept on poking my wife, saying "That's Ryan! He rips!". Hardbooters are few and far-between, at Breck.
  14. I busted a upper cuff strap (tooth portion) on my 700's, while in Breck. Being there's nowhere in Summit County to find (Deeluxe) parts, I went to a bootfitter (Surefoot), and they replaced the strap with ski boot parts. Not the prettiest, but it works. With no other option, $20 was a screaming deal. Keep in-mind I did have to go to several different places before I found a shop that would repair it. So you may have to check around as to who fixes boots. On a side-note, I busted a 700 toe buckle, a few weeks ago. Again, in Breck, I went back to Surefoot. Back in business for another 20-spot.
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