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  1. SUB QUESTION: Has anyone flown Delta, with their new surfboard rules? If so, are they really sticklers to the 115" linear dimension limit?
  2. Kind of a shot in the dark, but here goes... I'll be in Orange County for work, this week (Tue-Fri), am looking for a log. Forecast looks pretty small, so the shortboard does little good. I'd gladly pay in (quality) beer, or what have you. I'll be staying in Newport, and working in Costa Mesa. I'd be willing to drive somewhere nearby. Otherwise, anyone know of a surfshop that rents fiberglass (eg. not a softtop) boards? Thanks! -Brian
  3. Article from the Star Tribune, here in Minneapolis. 03APR19
  4. Any late-season reports from Giant's and/or Lutsen? How are things holding-up? I'm contemplating a hooky day, tomorrow (Fri, Mar22), and make for one last trip. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the tips, y'all. I like the Velcro idea.
  6. I've had to remove a couple (perfectly good) of stomp pads, doe to mounting of plate systems. Is it possible to re-use these? Is there a certain method to get these sticking? I thought about epoxy (or the like), but am hesitant due to the permanence of this solution. Any ideas? Thanks. -Brian
  7. Last chance of the season for some quality turns, today. Will be out at lift-open, until it gets sloppy.
  8. MNSurfer


    Poor little guy. He looks lonely.
  9. Thanks for the heads-up! I was going to head there on Sunday. Now I'll have to deal with these ice dams. Thanks.
  10. Beaver. Good call. We only waited for one, single lift. Well, I guess that's our new Saturday joint (which is sad, as the (Breck) gondola is only 100' away).
  11. I like no crowds. And a good bar! As for slow lifts, we're from Minnesota, and have yet to be spoiled by high-speed lifts.
  12. What's the Saturday crowd like, at Cooper? We're looking for a Saturday option, to avoid the Breck crowds.
  13. Another great day at the 'Mill. Empty (at least till 1:00), luscious groom, and chicken on the outdoor grill. I really love this place. The staff is as friendly as it gets, no one is agro, and you never have to look uphill. After 2-hours of ripping apart Run of the Mill, I felt a bit guilty of making a mess of the place.
  14. Wednesday morning was fun. 10" or so the day before, packed-down, and a little bit slow.
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