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  1. Thanks for the help, y'all. I do like the Arcteryx shells; They fit great! So a slight change of plans, and a bit of an epiphany. So while cleaning-out some snowmachine accessories, my wife found her neon blue/pink Columbia snowsuit. This had only been worn a few times, c.2000, so it is tip-top. And a Mens Medium! She was going to donate it, so I swooped-in to stop that madness. I now have several days on the hill with this bad boy, and all I can think of is; What the hell have I been missing all these years?!?! Warm, snow and wind will never get in, and unimaginably practical, compared to separates. Hook. Line. Sinker. The catch is that the long-suffering won't be caught dead skiing with me, with this beauty on. Who makes new (ski/mountain) snowsuits? I've done a fair amount of searching, and all I can find is one from Spyder. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks. I will look into that. I found these, at REI. https://www.rei.com/product/138372/backcountry-access-bc-link-20-group-communication-system I like the detached microphone; Seems like that would be easier to manage. Less things to drop!
  3. MNSurfer


    Yeah, my better sense told me to stay away. That place can be a sh!tshow, even when everything is open. Speaking of which... man they don't make it easy to find the lift/run status.
  4. We're looking to get away from using mobile phones to communicate, whilst on-mounting. Can anyone suggest a two-way radio that works well in the slopes? We mainly ski Summit county, if that matters at all. Any price-point is fine. - Keep in-mind something that works well with gloved hands (knobs vs little buttons, etc.) - We have a house in Breck (Shock Hill), so a base-station would work. But it would be nice to be able to use them elsewhere, without the base Before SMS, we used radios (can't remember what make/model), and it was so convenient and efficient. SMS? Not so much. Thanks! -Brian
  5. MNSurfer


    Fri Nov 29 - Day after T-Day, and the kids are with the grandparents. Any idea of what is/will be open at Welch? Their website shows 6-runs, but a guy was hoping for a bit more (Afton has about the same, which got super busy yesterday, 1.5 hours after open).
  6. The RC12's just arrived! Even without forming, it seems these fit me feet better then the 700's. Can't wait to test them out! Speaking of 700's/Deeluxe... Is there anywhere in the US (Colorado, maybe?) to source (Deeluxe) boot parts? YYZ has the goods, but I'm just not keen on spending $61 to ship some buckles, straps, and screws. I have two pair, one older, one new, that are getting a Frankenbooted. Plus, I have this anxiety about breaking something, and well, there goes a day or two.
  7. Good to know. Loos like I'll be in the UP a week too soon. Drat.
  8. Anyone know of a projected opening for this season?
  9. Thanks for all the input, y'all. I'll have to hit the local outfitter here, one of these days. @DanI do like the look of the Mont Bell. But at the same time, I dread doing returns, and that sounds like fitting might be a bit of trial/error.
  10. Thanks for all the info! I wouldn't say I am an "extreme" type carver, so I'd lean towards the RC. Though the idea behind the XC is sort of intriguing.
  11. No dice on sizes, on eBay. But thanks for the tip on the direct sales! Can anyone speak to the differences between the XC12 and RC12? I know it's a rather subjective question.
  12. Getting the gear ready for the season, and I just noticed/forgot that my aged T700's have 3 after-market (read: ski boot) buckles. Guess it's time for new wheels. I experience what a lot of people report, with T700's; Heel lift. I have two pairs, and both do the same thing. Reading forum posts, it sounds like the RC 10/11 might be a good alternative. After 10+ years in Deeluxe, I'm game for a change. Is there anywhere to purchase UPZ, in North America? Preferably the US? I did look at 'Paradise, and they're unavailable in my size (m295). Thanks! -Brian
  13. Thanks, Jack! I'll hit them up, at some point. Do you know who distributes for them?
  14. My long-suffering wife has decided she won't ski with me unless I replace my old, beaten-up, holy jacket. I call it "well seasoned", but to each his own. I struggle to find the right fit. At 6'2", 175, I'm on the skinny side, and I don't like things baggy, or bulky. So I guess I'm looking for brands, models, etc., that cater to slim-fit. Prefer lined, but am flexible. I've looked around a bit, but it just seems hard to find a good fit. Thanks!
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