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  1. Buddy with no computer to post ...Jimmy C's new Coiler BX 165... BTW are we really posting old new boards and qualify??
  2. Oh greez... I have em at the office.. It's 157..24.5 wide with a vsr asymmetrical sidecut.. Long on the heel.. Shorter on the toe side.. Something like 10/11.5/10.5....and.10.5/12/11.5 Bruce called it his "Slice" freeride sidecut..
  3. Next Time you fly get on that jet made of wood..
  4. Always interested in Pings.. Send pics when you get around to it... along with other pings...at: rthut2 at roadrunner dot kom
  5. How much for the Karsten Pings.. I get firsties..$50 bucks
  6. I have a pair , same size.. I have a bit wider than normal front foot and seem to fit me fine. also mine are moldable.. I think these are too... I just put pads on my bunions and then molded them.... great boot BTW..
  7. Money = Oxess every time if I got it.. The carbon carbon is just indestructible! and a dam good board.. Still my Fav of all time.
  8. New top notch swag!! Thanks for the upgrade Thirst.
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