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  1. Found this guy sitting on a park bench who said he Golf's, rides motorcycles and dabbles in building snowboards Something named Kohlerer. He's from Canadia and was lost. I said he was in Cleveland along way from home.. His name was Bruce but he said he did not want to go back because he did not want to have to make boards since the weather was so nice.. So we just rode!!
  2. Sold.. $600 OBO Halloween special rthut2 at roadrunner dot com If you have to ask then you can't ride it... ha.. kidding.. $700 OBO, $700 OBO, Coiler Wobbly Goblin as seen at SES unveiling.. 172cm , 11.8m avg radius, 21cm waist.. Stance 46cm to 58cm appx. Segmented sidecut, Ptex topsheet. Custom mill work on the tail.. die cut coiler on base. Great condition.
  3. Its posted in "Bend It" but here it is... Coiler 172 Segmented sidecut VSR 11.8 avg.
  4. Check your PM
  5. Dunno if I want to part but I got a Wobbly Goblin and a Coiler APEX SG.. Maybe if price is right..
  6. Not yet.. But thinking about it..
  7. Virus for sale in classifieds Interceptor 173Wide... for a Virus....
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