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  1. Check your Alpine Snowboard Mailbox too... sent PM I'll take em if the price is right! I'm getting a friend into hardboot carving... so I really don't have much to trade at all.. Cash price? Shred Price... ahah email is: rthut2 at roadrunner dot com lets get this done...
  2. How much softer is the 161 as to the 165... 165 was just a bit much for me... need something softer and less aggressive.
  3. So what mondo size are they? 25? 26? 27? looking for a mens Size 8 which would be Mondo 26... do you know if that will work?
  4. Discount for WTF..... link below.. or just ask for 40/40 deal.. https://www.inntopia.travel/Ecomm/Package/Packagebuilder/6473825/en-US/?packageid=50226&forcechoice=1&promocode=RGS19&utm_source=2019+40%2F40+%231&utm_campaign=17d0cf490e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_16_05_18&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3583beaa94-17d0cf490e-87452195
  5. PSA... just incase you don't know.... this is how we ride... 40/40 deal... super savings... As usual the gang will be there from January 17, thru Feb 1st 2020.. If the link don't work....just call and ask for the 40/40 deal... https://www.inntopia.travel/Ecomm/Package/Packagebuilder/6473825/en-US/?packageid=50226&forcechoice=1&promocode=RGS19&utm_source=2019+40%2F40+%231&utm_campaign=17d0cf490e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_16_05_18&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3583beaa94-17d0cf490e-87452195
  6. Hey Ding Dong... get a phone... gezzzus...
  7. Sold.... Revolution is a new unused replacement got in April... Lists at $1099 Euros.. Make best offer...SOLD
  8. If the Price is right... Are they Mondo 26 for sure (mens size 8 ) How cheap can you let them go? or anything of mine you want...in Reason... I have a couple of Softy board for trade...like a steepwater...
  9. I do have a Revolution 162, 22cm wide and a -SOLD...all specs can be found on website.. both boards in Hypercarbon.. and pristine.. Any Intrest with a good offer will be considered.. Just trying to let folks know since its going to snow soon!! ha.. Revolution SOLD --------------------------------------------------------- Interceptor Available - Excellent condition length: 173 cm effective edge: 156 cm Center width: 19.0 cm Das Interceptor wide ist die breitere Variante für Fahrer/Fahrerinnen die ein etwas breiteres Board mit besseren Allroundeigenschaften,vor allem bei weicheren Pisten Bedingungen bevorzugen!
  10. Looking for deelux or upz mondo size 26
  11. Its always been scattered around and not really in one place.. I need the MFR or store links to get stuff ...from across the globe nowadays... I hate to have it turn into where you can post...we already have that.. looking for links... Like UPZ to buy (Dan Yoya site), Virus link, Thirst link, Gloves, Boots...(all carving stuff..even G-Style)... I remember the second issue of "Carving" had a center page that listed all or most of what was known at the time for everything releated...it was kinda nice... for kicks I went back and tried them...only about 30% at best worked due to no link or no longer around, but since then stuff has surfaced...ie....Thirst... Plates...etc.. It probably needs a Moderator to keep it simple..and doesn't become a place for posting...just links to buy and find product... "Shopping" like that center page of Carving .. Thanks in Advance Jack for putting it together...Sorry you missed the meeting so you got assigned the action items... Right Said Fred..
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