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Killington VT and Carving. Good place?


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many times

use the search function

K-mart is alright, lots to explore

weekends and holidays there are crouded and the trail layout is such that collisions are common but it is a decent carving hill when there are not lots of joeys out

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is friday the 3rd a holiday in the States?

It's an organised trip so I can't really go somewhere else unless I drive, the price is cheap. for 69$ Canadian, I get bus + lift ticket and all I have to do is sit in the bus at 5 am in Montreal sleep... ride and sit in the bus at 4 pm drink a few beers and sleep.

Just want to try something new.

Thanks for the input.

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If you are at the Superstar lift check out Skylark to the left of Superstar looking up from the bottom. It was a good trail back in the day. Superstar might be a bit much depending on how they have been taking care of it.

The Stuff on Snowdon mtn is where we used to meet up and carve and the glades chair. I still think that Skylark was the best. You never know what you are going to get at Kmart.

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I don't think Sugarbush is ASC anymore. It's not good for my ASC pass. Killington mid week is fine. Go to Bear Mt and ride Bear Claw for some quality carving. Check out Will Garrow in the old Warren Miller movie on Bear Claw. If you don't know the clip I mean, let me know and I'll dig it up.

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Get there early (I think they open 8:00 on weekends) and not too bad until 10:00 when all the previous night partyers show up. My favorite is Skyeburst off Skye Peak Quad near Bear. Its wide and not too steep. Also Wildfire off Bear is good. If intermediate, try Header off Rams Head Quad, very wide.

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