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Whats the best place to go in Vermont for Thanksgiving?


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I've been to most of the main resorts in Vermont and I've found the best to be in this order, Bolton Valley(Less Crowded, Great variety of terrain, and a new area opened this year.) Sugarbush(Awsome terrain, crowds can be avoided, great snow.) Sugarloaf(Not in Vermont but worth the drive, Massive hills, no crowds, good coverage.)

I live in Oregon now so I'm stuck going to these big mountains with wet snow!:p

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As far as I know, Portland is devoid of good boot fitters. I lived in Sandy up until May, and never found anyone. I had a pair of boots fit at Sam Bennett's which has since closed, and was very underwhelmed by the fit, in fact I re-did the liners myself after about 3 days on the snow and they came out much better.

As for fitters in Bend...

I spoke to Scott at Race Place (http://www.ski-racing.com/) for a bit, he seems to know what he is doing and mentioned that he's worked with Adam Smith (World Cup racer who lives right here in Bend). However I wound up using FootForm Performance Orthotics (www.footform.com) after a recommendation to see a podiatrist/pedorthist on another thread. I wound up with a set of orthotics for my every day shoes as well, with everything except for liner molding being billed to insurance. He did an excellent job, I will not be attempting to remold my liners myself as I couldn't possibly improve them ;) D-Sub mentioned that there was a bootfitter at Mt Bachelor Ski and Sport (at the mountain) as well on a different thread.

If you plan to come out for a boot fitting, make sure you have an appointment. Especially if you want to use Race Place. FootForm is really a podorthist so you probably don't want to go that route unless you're looking for general-use orthotics.

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Hey. In VT right now. Slight dusting of snow on the ground and you can still see the grass tips. Didn't bring my board (sorry) because I decided that I didn't want to F it up. Please report on the trail conditions for whichever mountains you decide to go to. Maybe I'll come up next weekend or the one after that.

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