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Wasatch Trenchin' Convention


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First off, thanks to Fin for all the posting he lets us do on his forum. Thanks also to y’all for tolerating us. This is the most concentrated group of Alpine Snowboarders in the world and this meeting place really helps us get the word out to people about the goings on in Utah and around and our effort to grow the Alpine Snowboard world.

My first Summit Expression was this past season. I had heard of it, upon inception and started to follow it here, on Bomberonline soon after. I have seen it grow only in text and pictures. Billy and I loaded the truck on a Wed evening and bolted for the SES last season. Words can’t describe it if you have any love for our sport. My jaw hung off my face for 72 hrs straight.

Our Wasatch Trenchin’ Convention would be having it’s 2nd year in a few weeks after our initial SES. The work put forth by Michelle and Fin to have the SES both logistically and physically is truly amazing but really let me know that we had a lot of work to do….

Jeff named the WTC, on a lift ride of course, and it stuck. Billy and Skully actually had the initial Utah Expression Session. I can remember Skully bugging me like crazy the next season to get my $hit together for #1 WTC. I had kinda committed but Hardbooter was barely an entity so it was pretty small. Mostly just people who knew each other getting together for a session. The first year, we met at Max’s snowboard shop, traded boards around played with binders and went ridin’. Our event last season though was a bit more complicated. We set up a tent, got insurance, had waivers and introduced a whole slew of Utah riders to the alpine world thanks to the logistical input from Michelle. Fin attended and brought all his goodies with him for 2 of the 4 days. We’re going to put our foot down this year for him to match our days at the SES, eh Fin?

As the interest in Alpine grows, so will all the the “timed” and planned congregations. In only 2 years, we went from very few riders to a bunch. It’s pretty neat to watch what is happening to our sport. Alpine is not dead! Soooooooo….

To make a long thread short, The Wasatch Trenchin’ Convention will be Wed the 1rst of Feb thru Sunday the 5th. Exact format is TBD but will follow closely last years event. Park City Mountain Resort and Snowbasin will be the host resorts. As mentioned previous, Fin will be out and, between us, we’ll have demos galore.

This is the place on our site to see details as they come. If you don’t make our event, please, for your own mental state, go to the East Coast Expression Session or the Summit Expression Session! It’ll just absolutely blow your face off!!


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For those of you don't know, the Utah "Gang" is by far one of the most passionate groups of carvers I know. These guys mean business but know this is all for fun. Dave puts on a class act for the event and I think he mentioned everyone can stay at his house this year. What a guy!

I took the Bomber "Truck-O-Goodies" to the WTC last year and had one of the best days carving yet. If you can take Bordy telling you how 3 degrees negative side bevel is "da bomb" and how he invented the word "camber", then you will not have a problem:D Utah carving IS the definition of "packed powder".

Highly recommend joining these guys. We should be there for at least the last three days (plan so far).


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We are trying to make it this time! It’s the first season for us in Aspen, and pretty close to the SES date, non the less, my wife and I will try to make it over and join you guys :1luvu:

By that time I should also have the complete new Virus demo fleet available and would bring as well… sure thing :biggthump

Dave, did you get my email in regards my Virus Gladiator Zylon being a demo board now?


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Hmmm, WTC followed by SES..... If it wasn't for one of my best mate's weddings on that weekend in Tasmania, then my girlfriend would just kill me for going away for so long and not taking her too.

No way could I pull that off....at least, not this year :rolleyes: but guys if you keep all the dates the same in coming years it will make planning a big trip definately worthwhile! :eplus2:

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The WTC will take place mostly in Park City. We're having a difficult time working out details with Snowbasin this year as they seem to think there is a conflict of interest with sales. We pitch the WTC as more of a club event and a time to expose our sport in bulk to the public. We just need signed off by one more person and it's a go. This would be the Saturday (4 Feb). Park City Mountain Resort simply rocks. They have agreed to let us set up all of the days if necessary. As for the Canyons, there is really not a good place, physically, to set up camp. The best spot for a demo tent would be impossible to access with all our gear and a good close spot to the parking lot is really far from the nearest snow access point. So, we've decided to just send people from PC with gear to the Canyons if they desire to mix it up a bit. Skully and Billy are familier with the Canyons and will be on hand to guide.

With that, the best place to stay will be Park City. Salt Lake City is a mere 25 minutes away lot to lot as well so this is also an option.

More soon here and on the Hardbooter site.


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Sounds like you got in touch w/that Lee guy at Snowbasin. Hope that works out. I'll be up there riding on Monday, I'll peek my head in the Grizzly Center and see if I can talk to Lee in person. May have to bring Nicky and Tony along to help, uh...persuade him to see things our way :eplus2:

Acually, all the folks that I've met up there have been really cool - should be ok.

I'll be in PC on Thursday the 2nd and should be at Snowbasin (if that happens) on Saturday the 4th.

Look forward to seeing familiar as well as new faces! :biggthump

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