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I've been lurking here for awhile, great site. I've been riding for 15 years, hard shell on and off for 10 of those, as well as instructing at a local Mtn for 10 also. I bought a Burton FP 7.3 new back in ' 95, loved it ever since, also rode a Nidecker Concept Asym that I still have and kinda still get a kick out of riding at times ... I have updated my bindings throughout the years ... :)

Anyway, I'm 6'2", 210 lb, and my old Blax boots that I have been using for maybe 15 days a year for the last 8 have finally crapped altogether ... actually they crapped years ago and I rode them way too long.

Question is, I'm trying to save some $$ and not spend 3 1/2 bills on Suzukas if I don't have to (but I guess I will if I really have to) I ride at a small Eastern PA hill, might try my hand at a USASA event this year. Will the Burton Earths on Klugs site work ?? I did do a search of this site, couldn't finda lot on them. Will they be stiffer than the 4 buckle SB413's (which I'm guessing from what I've read here are too soft for someone my size). My biggest concern I guess is stiffness, and I'm no pro by any stretch !!



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210 pounds - I would think you want a 4-buckle boot, but something stiffer than Raichle 413's.

Scan the classifieds, good deals on Raichle SB series boots can be had. If you're a size 25MP I have some SB423's for sale that would be the softests you'd want to go; of course if you can always stiffen them up w/ stiffer tongues if you can find 'em. Used AF600/Suzuka come up now and again too.

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I don't ride Burton boots, but aren't the Earth boot the softest among the Earth, Fire and Ice lineup?

I have a pair of 413's and UPZ. I would check out the Head, UPZ or Richle 4 buckle lineup (above the 413's).

Not a lot of people ride the Burton boots anymore,



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...so HAS anyone out there got any experience with the Burton Earth's ?? ...:confused:

I've been riding them for almost 3 years and I didn't like them. and after those 3 seasons they were like :barf:

they are very soft and I couldn't use them for snowboards longer than 160 beacuse of their softness. Though they felt quite good on my foot, much better than the Blax!

but you might like them only if you're a begginer

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