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Quality of SG Boards


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Recently purchased a SG full race team board from i-carve and received this. 

Counter skink for the inserts looks like crap. But that being said doesn't seem to affect the functionality... at least I haven't tested that yet.

Is level of machining acceptable for a $1200 board? None of the boards I have ever purchased, even much cheaper ones, had issues like this.

Thoughts? Opinions? I would like to know.


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I don't know the terminology. But I had issues with inserts on SG boards, the Ester model (not sure which year that was). One screw hole I needed wasn't tapped right. I had to get someone in a shop to tap it for me. I was told it was not unheard of for this kind of stuff to happen. Board rides great though.

What year was that board made?

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Certainly not the quality of workmanship I'd expect on a premium board.  Looks like a factory second, so maybe there should be a price adjustment to reflect that.  

You make the point that this doesn't seem to impact functionality, but this sort of thing makes me wonder what else might be wonky.  Maybe the board is perfectly good otherwise, maybe not?  

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yep. i have an "unknown" insert needing to be tapped on one of my SG's i got from ivan. my other SG i got used. no issues except an "unknown" sidewall dent from a 'gate out' that wasn't disclosed by seller. very minor, but it's there. love both my SG's though.

the example above is worthy of discount. factory 3rd. looks "known" to me. disclosure is key. most of us would likely still buy a specialty board with some damage to fill a void in the quiver because it's not 1200+.

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A few years ago I was helping a CVA kid mount his brand new Allflex plate to his brand new SG 180 with the Ester graphics.  Allflex plates are mounted with two different length screws - the screws for the ends of the plate are shorter.  Well, on the right side of the board, the short screws were not long enough.  Left side, no problem.  I thought that was suspicious as heck and not at all confidence inspiring.  Have not had any experience with this year's boards.

Ivan sells on volume, I would not expect him to inspect every board at this level, that's the mfr's job.

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A little update.

This is a 23/24 model and there was a 15% spring end of season sale.
Ended up deciding to return the board.

I tried mounting a plate on it and I noticed that some screws wont go in at all. so I checked how far the screws go in and some screws wont even go in a quarter turn.

The photo is the middle 8 screws for the allflex holes where screws are screwed in all the way without putting excessive torque.

I know that Ivan has high volume in his business and he does not manufacture the boards. But i cant say I appreciated his attitude through out the interaction regardless.



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18 hours ago, Odd Job said:

Wow. So this happened to me on the Ester model which is definitely older than 23/24. I thought they would have fixed it by now. As I mentioned before, I had the tech tap the inserts and all was fine.

From what I can tell, even though im not expert, it should be fixable with just some tapping as you mentioned. 

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That’s an incredibly piss-poor QC level. I’ve heard anecdotes about SG boards having pretty different ride characteristics between the same boards — but hell every company goes through that, even Kessler and Virus have had their problems at times over the years. But something as bone-dead simple and replicable as insert taps just makes zero sense to me….

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