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Nakiska April 20th


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I expect to be working from Canmore week of April 15th and will plan to bring my boards and get in a final day or two.  @Riceball or anyone else have plans to be out those days?  

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confirming Nakiska
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I'll plan to bring both hardboot and softboot setups.  Happy to ride wherever the group would like to go. 

2 hours ago, garybergmann said:

If Nakiska winds up with a big melt, Sunshine will be open until the May long weekend...not really carving terrain...unless you're on an all mountain or a softy carving board.


38 minutes ago, Neil Gendzwill said:

The blues off Goat’s Eye are pretty good for carving. Under Jackrabbit chair is fun. The blues off Wawa can be good. Great Divide is fun if it isn’t too busy. 

Not necessarily in spring though. 

4 hours ago, slayermtb said:

I’ll be camping in Banff at that time . I’ll keep an eye on this thread. I plan on hitting both sunshine and Louis conditions permitting.


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1 hour ago, garybergmann said:

LOL...then we get a 30cm dump at Nakiska over the last two days. 

Never fails - planned carving meets yield powder. 

It's win-win either way! 😃

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I went on saturday...looked like mid winter.  Lots of snow up top on gold...would have been great hero snow if it was goomed...

Down below it was soft...not mashed potatoes or anything, more like butter cream frosting.   Too soft to really enjoy hard boots, for me anyway.  Switched to softy carving and it was much, much better.  Watched some guy jump over one of my carves...they were deeeeeep.

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Nakiska forecast looks great for Friday and also for Saturday morning!  They're getting consistently cold temps and fresh snow right now.  Saturday afternoon will be warm and probably slushy late in the day on the lower mountain at least.  I've only been there once for NES 2017 but the map makes it look like mostly eastern aspects so it should hold up well.

So is this happening?  Who's in?  Anybody for Friday?

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31 minutes ago, slayermtb said:

I’m in for sure, where we meeting?

"Nakiska" is a Cree word meaning "to meet" or "meeting place."  (according to Wikipedia). 

In front of main lodge, need to figure out a time.  Will send you PM. 

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