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Copper Mountain March 24-31


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13 hours ago, skhil said:

I plan to go to Loveland on Sunday. But I can get to Copper on this Saturday (23rd). I won't make it by the first chair though.

No riding for me this Saturday unfortunately..

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I'm going to be late today, on the mountain by 11. I'm on black oxess skwal.

11 hours ago, tdifan_2003 said:

I am at Copper rn. First day today. Will be here until 3/29.

I'll try to find you.

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Sadly I'm out of commission for the next couple of months. A kid jumped in front of me on a catwalk. I didn't have the time to react and got into the trees back first on the full speed. I didn't break anything important. They discharged me from hospital on the same day. However it is the end of a season for me.

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22 hours ago, skhil said:

Thank you for the company, @tdifan_2003! I hope to ride with you again next season. And for everybody I missed due to this unfortunate event: see you next time!

It was great riding with you!!! You are a very inspiring rider 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼. Such a bummer for the accident that cut your season short. I wish there was a way people teach their kids and themselves basic commonsense behavior on the slopes. 

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54 minutes ago, skhil said:

@yamifumi, yes, the Skid road. The part with the wooden fence fragments on the left.

I managed to get home, now I can concentrate on recovering.

I wish you a great recovery and looking forward to riding with you next season!

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