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May 13: Guess Who's 40?????

Jack M

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welcome to the 40 club shred. I was indoctrinated back in february in brasil. tradition says you must swill a 40 oz

You've got your hair permed

You've got your red dress on

Talkin' bout how second gear was such a turn on

And the fog forming on my window tells me that the morning here

And you'll be gone before too long

Who taught you those new tricks?

Damn I shouldn't start that talk,

but life is one big question when your starin at the clock

And the answers always waiting at the liquor store, 40 oz to Freedom,

so I'll take that walk.

And I know that ohhhh...I'm not comin back

Ohh not going back

God knows not going back

You look so fine when you lie it just don't show,

That I know which way the wind blows

40 oz to freedom is the only chance I have to feel good,

even though I feel bad

And I know that ohhhh...I'm not comin back

Ohh not going back

God knows I'm not going back

God knows I'm not going back


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Im just now getting up!:confused:

Just kidding,, the big brother has cracked down on the puter stuff at verk so I no can post so much, but here i am be.

Busy rebuilding the body for at least for the next 20! Last run this season was a dooozy.. my sacrum popped and pinched my sciatic nerve and I went down like a sack of potatoes... just got my leg back to normal with so good chiro,... also I bought myself some new eyes last sunday... best dam thing I ever did,, a bit scary.. but im 20/15 right now and still can read.... no more contacts and dry bloodshot eyes.. no more fricken head squeeze glasses ,, and fog ups! Its priceless!

like I told Jack,, now I can see Camel toe from a hundred yards away!:D

ps.. just made our dates for Big Mountain in 2006,, Last full week in January.. mark your calenders.

Right said Shred..


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at some point Im sure I will need reading glasses, but for now Im good to go.. still some healing going on.. focus is still a bit in and out but better every day.. amazing stuff...

It all worked out good for me so far, but for me,, I took into account how bad I did with contacts and how much headaches glasses gave me,,literaly... so for me it was worht the risk..if any now adays.

Aspen.. maybe... I just spent two Coilers and a Donek worth for these eyes.. Well I still have a top secret experimental board coming.. can't wait...

I know.. its not even summer and Im still thinking boards.... I am an addict!

Right Said Shred

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Guest Tim Tuthill

Me too!! I was going to go to Mammoth, but it was closed yesterday because of the wind. I'm still hurt'n from the hit in Feb. what a pain. Put my boards away. The Hots and Burnners will have to wait till next season, October I hope. All that snow and I can't go!! On the eye deal, I have heard all the horror stories that's why I have not done it. My brother did it and is fine. It would be a real pain to go thru that and to still wear galsses to read???

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Guest Marilyn Cambers

Alright Mellow you can sleep at the adult condo this year - but you can't sleep with mommy & daddy!!

But what about the mayor's boy? Won't you miss him and his ahhhh, escapades! :eek:

Marilyn ;)


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Shred, Happy (goto SES) B-day.

They say (goto SES) if you don't (goto SES) this season, you'll (goto SES) be a year older (goto SES) when you do.

As for the Big Mountain Mayor's Boy, I have been shuffled to the side and replaced by another mayoral aide. So... if theres room in the condo, count me in.. (I didn't really want to stay downtown anyways)...I will NOT book the early flight home.

Last week in Jan. Big Mountain(no escapades, honest).

February- Back to Copper and Aspen (anyone know of a good one month rental property near silverthorne?)

March- ECES 2006! Sugarloaf USA.

Think snow!

Whoo hoo, hoo hoo whoo

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