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Bob jenney leaving redbones...


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Originally posted by Bob Jenney

I've managed to get Jack hooked on the good stuff. :D

F'n right!! Doood. Chaumcos is the shizzle. Had my first taste at 0230 hours this morning. A perfect reward to a loooong day in front of a Solaris workstation. Aisling is right - it's hard to put down. Too easy to drink.

I got Bob a bottle too because it's illegal to ship 'shine to Mass. But I may just have to drink it myself. Hmm. Maybe I'll put it on ebay and you could bid on it, Bob.

Thanks for the $50/bottle habit, ya bastid. Actually I enjoy El Tesoro about 98% as much, which is "only" $33.

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Originally posted by mikemcse


you have to share the website URL for the low price chamucos

I cant find it locally for a decent price. Please let me know where I can get tesoro for 33$


I found Chamucos online at www.vintagewines.biz and www.2311gourmet.com but 2311 was out of stock. These came from a search on www.froogle.com. Unfortunately, about 3 or 4 ounces seeped out of the bottle in transit. It has a cork stopper and the booze bled through it.

As for El Tesoro, I get it at the NH State liquor store (conveniently/ironically right on the highway). Their normal price is $38, but they frequently discount it to $33.

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