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Book: Don Schwartz - Beating the Impossible


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I just finished reading Don Schwartz”s just released book - Beating the Impossible.  It is not very often I sit and read for long periods of time, but this book hooked me.  Great story telling, great insight on healing and overcoming challenges. This is one of those books that could really make a difference in your world or the way you view it.  

For those of you that are not familiar with Don, Pro-Snowboarder (late 80’s early 90’), Barefoot waterskiing champ, Death Racer, Mountain guide, helicopter pilot, Dad, husband and all around great person.  

I highly recommend this book to this community. 

His book is available on Amazon or here https://www.donschwartz.ca


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Thanks Dredman.  I appreciate the kind words.  

Snowboarding has been the main piece of my life since 1984 and I'm excited to share it with the world.   There have been a lot of ups and downs in life, and thought the stories in the book would be great inspiration to others and especially those that have faced hardship and trauma through their lives.

Phil, you'll have to come to my house to scam a copy off me.  I will sign it though. 🙂 

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2 hours ago, Eboot said:

Careful what you ask for, you could have a lot of visitors 🙂

Great book, you’ve lived an amazing life … respect!

Bring on the visitors.  Whistler is amazing.  Especially when it gets to -25 and nobody goes on the hill.  I made 4000' runs last feb without seeing a single person on the hill.  Best groomed snow of the year.

And...Thanks for the compliment.  Still working on the next 1/2 of life.  

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