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197 for 188 Sims Burner or other options?

big canuck

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what width board do you like how much do you weigh? I may have some thing in the Hardbooter quiver and although we all ready have a 97 burner we could always use another

Bryan how many burners do you have already? 10 or 12? ha. ha.

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This WAS my ONLY Burner , Kurt used my weakness for vintage snowboards to pry it from my fingers. This was my board originally. I thought I ask Kurt to sign a waiver in case he ever sold it , but evidently I forgot. :) I do now have a newer version that was loaned briefly to Kirk for a few runs which evidently converted Kirk as "Disciple" also!! Hard to hold good taste against a guy!!

Enjoy!!! Bryan

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I have a Burner 188 I could get rid of. It's a team stock board....97ish vintage, white top sheet. I am the original owner.

I sold it on ebay. Buyer spotted a problem (topsheet around the rear insert was coming up), and I refunded the money as he was uncomfortable. Upon receiving the board back, yes the topsheet was upglued around the insert. However, the inserts are fine, there is no structural issues and I rode the board for 2 hours afterward w/o any problems.

Has a couple minor dings (from bindings), but otherwise this board has hardly been used as it was always the back-up.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Below are some pix of one of my Burners. I have more somewhere around here....

First off, I'm not really looking to get rid of this as much as I'd like someone else to have the pleasure of riding it. I sold it on ebay this winter and then accepted a return because the buyer was not comfortable with the condition. (no hard feelings, I refunded the money).

The board hasn't been ridden much (10-15 days), but does have dings and everyday scratches ('Catek toe bail dings).

The "issue" is the topsheet around the rear inserts has become delaminated from the core. Initially, the buyer thought the inserts were bad...but I've torque tested the board and rode it for a few hours (with Bombers) and it holds just fine. Fuzzy's biff in Nagano was not an insert failure.

I have no clue whether the delam has gotten any better or worse since I got the board in 1997ish b/c the 1st time I took off the Cateks was when I sold it this winter. I never noticed the situation.

This board was always a back-up to others...which I'm not interested in selling b/c each has a story. This was the board that got neglected and needs to run.

I'd feel bad if a BOLer bought it and had problems. But, I wouldn't offer a refund to an 800 pound Gorilla either. I'm quite comfy riding it and don't think its a problem. Sure the hell beats paying top dollar for a custom board and it failing.

So..there you have it. High res pix can be sent.

A team stock Burner 188cm that needs a new home....

As for price....we should take that offline. I'd like it to go to a BOLer. I'm taking offers. For anything less than $200, its staying in Minnesota getting lonely.


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The nice lil circle on the insert was a manufacturing goof. I believe what caused the space to form was that there was no filler in the 2nd set of inserts. So...my guess is that water got in the seam and expanded.


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I assume that josh did not want it? was I not number two if he didnt? I sent you an email recently (+- 3weeks ago) to BOL account. I suspect you are not using it based on your post. The damage does not look too too bad certainly can be epoxied. I am heavy at 210 lbs and ride hard but I am not much of an equipment breaker.

I will take it if its still available



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