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Mid April in CO


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I have a few days in CO (staying in west denver) in mid-April and need feedback about good carving hills. Been harbooting slightly more than a full season and, of course, am smitten. It's looking like I'll get out Sun, Mon & Tues - 17th -19th. I've been to CO several times but never in search of groomers. Little help?

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Most resorts are shutting down the 10th or the 17th of this month so your only real option is Arapahoe Basin after these dates. (I think Loveland is also open later?)

But the good news is they have an excellent base and conditions are great. Just went there Sunday and it is fantastic! But by then you'll want to get there early and leave early (as far as carving goes) as Spring conditions will be in force.

Stop by our shop in Silverthorne and we'll give you the tour :D

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Tom P...I clicked onto your web site and really enjoyed looking at your kayaking pictures. I'm also a kayaker and have boated a few of the same rivers. I've been to Colorado and Idaho a couple of times each. I LOVE the Numbers section of the Ark Although the Locsha and Payette in Idaho are hard to beat. My daughter I and did a six day kayak trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon...another memorable one. I've been jonesing for years to get down to Central and South America to catch some of those runs. Soon...very soon!

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Dave McCoy, founder of Mammoth Mountain announced over the weekend that Mammoth will be open until July 11th, they received 15 inches of new snow Sunday eve with a base of 12-15 ft.....not too bad for Cali

.....the cost for that season pass dosen't look too bad right now



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Guest pcogan

loveland will be open til the beginning of may

this weekend started The Melt, but the carving was still very consistent in the morning.

i'd bring all mountain and carving set ups so you can work with the conditions

also, check out skiloveland.com and you'll find

the temps for the last 24 hours at 12,000 feet, which could be helpful info

lots of snow!

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