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Covid -vs- The Great Recession


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When The Great Recession hit in the winter of 2009, 2010 & 2011 I noticed that the highways and ski areas were much less crowded. A lot of people lost jobs and skiing was a luxury that could be eliminated. 

I was fortunate enough to have kept my job and traffic and lift lines were much reduced. 

For the last several seasons, we have been riding mid-week only. In earlier years, the highways and slopes we pretty uncrowded. 

However, riding mid-week this season the slopes are noticeably more crowded than recent years past. I think it's because people are "working from home" and "schooling from home" (notice the air quotes) and they are up in the mountains more mid-week. 

 Does this agree with what others are seeing?


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Totally agree!   But I'd say it's just plain busier 7 days a week up here in New England ski country :cool:

I call it/them the Covid Crazies!   There coming out of the woodwork..aka Massachusetts!          A vast majority seem to have not only have been working from home but have picked up and gotten out of the city and relocated up here to their condo or time share or ski home!  Waterville Valley ski resort is a community with one  elementary school and that schools enrollment doubled this academic year!! 

Even with all the 100's of miles of hiking trails here in NH White Mtns.  are having overflowing parking lots with 90% out of state cars most every day but it's just plain terrible on the weekends !!!!!  , Even In Winter!!   :eek:


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It's the same here on our side of the pond in Switzerland. We live in the middle of the middle of nowhere and like Barry said, a lot of people from other areas with second homes, staying with friends, in hotels for extended periods. Most of the people vacationing here were either ski touring, doing snowshoe trails, cross country skiing, went sledding with their kids and even our tiny little ski resort seemed full most of the season. Most people had Swiss license plates from other areas of Switzerland and the odd German license plate.

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