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Where to buy a pass 20-21


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Hi everyone, 

I haven't posted in years..

My wife and I relocated to the Twin Cities a year ago. I haven't been on plates since 2013 when I did a tib-fib,  but I've been riding my BX board in soft boots sporadically since. I just bought a new pair of UPZs and still have all my gear. 

I'm hoping to solicit advice on where to buy a pass this year. I'd love to get back to bashing some gates if it's feasible, but would be happy just to ride with other hardbooters this winter. 

Being accustomed to driving hours to go snowboarding, the novelty of living 20 minutes from Hyland is pretty cool but I noticed there's little discussion about Hyland here. Buck is about 35 minutes for me. 

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Bobble and I are at Buck a lot but I've been on skis a lot lately. I'm not sure if Bobble has a pass there this year. 

I've never been to Hyland but my understanding is it's short and more known for its park scene. 

Welch is even a little further but the best in the area. I'll be there Sunday mornings and at Buck during the week in the evenings.

The snowboard specific racing the series is: http://uppermidwestsnow.com/

There are three races this year, two at Buck and one at Hyland.

Hard to say what the year is going to bring, in the evenings Buck is often pretty quiet just have to put up with Ski Challenge people doing some practice runs for like an hour before they race. Ski Challenge is a beer league here and runs almost every night, but their after party beer drinking thing is essentially canceled because of covid so I'm not sure how that's going to work. Some people might stick around and ski more, might be less participation, some people might be one and done.

Really can't comment on Hyland but I've never been there and I live in Burnsville. Are you coming from north of Hyland, up i494? 


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@KingCrimsoni have a season pass at buck. i guess i would test the waters first before committing to a season pass anywhere. i'm not sure how buck's covid protocols will be carried out. i've been frustrated with the ski teams completely taking over the runs. it is very frustrating and brings out my inner hostilities.

buck has changed their hour's. previous seasons it used to be they started at 9AM on weekends. now its 10AM. i will not be surprised if the ski teams will be there between 8 and 10 AM before lifts officially open to avoid the general public which means the runs will already be scorched.  

afton is probably same distance as welch. they're part of epic. advantage is that they have rfid tags so you can just go right to the chairlift.  if you buy the season pass, then you don't need to preload your tag. this year is different in that they require everyone to purchase/register their ticket  in advance and that they might be limiting the number of guests. 

have no clue what welch is going to do but i do like it there. i think i've had better riding days at welch over afton.

i haven't been to hyland in almost 20 years. hyland has an alpine snowboard team, the g-team. they sometimes show up at buck to train.

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So the great thing about the local hills is the chance to board after work/evenings. As Bobble said, Buck often has a lot of ski racing, but can be good and convenient if you pick your times. Hyland is not so convenient to nip in for a couple of hours, because of remote parking. If you have weekday mornings free, Buck has cheap morning tickets, and the runs are nearly empty. The G-team is based at Hyland and they might be looking for coaches. Karl would be the person to ask https://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/profile/364-scuff/


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Thanks guys. I reached out to Karl about a week ago, he was always a great resource for me at USASA nationals. 

I'll plan on bouncing around a little bit and seeing what I like. I have a funky rotating schedule and always have at least one midweek day off. 

Hopefully I'll see you guys out there. 

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Not sure if this will affect you, maybe you know this, right where 494 makes the bend and goes east/west, rush hour traffic can get really bad in the evening in that spot. If you're going to Hyland, you can hop off 494 in that spot, but if you are heading to Buck, that 35 min trip could be an hour trip (worse case scenario). Maybe if more people working from home wont be as bad. 

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Welcome back,

I will speak for Afton.

I would look to Buck or Welch for a pass.

Afton has very spotty grooming. They now have a ton of snowmaking thanks to Vail, but they don't really know what to do with it very well. I good day is rare.

Trent and I have been spending quite a bit of time there the last couple of years with our kids ski training there. I usually just ski, the combination of grooming and hill population makes it the safer bet.

I have always been happy with Buck, I just don't have time to make it down there anymore.

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