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  1. DonPablo

    MES 2020

    I got in a few more runs last year
  2. DonPablo

    MES 2020

    Temps are looking better, now just a little sun
  3. 1/22/20 Soft snow over the hard pack, pretty good snow, but slow. Dipped into the moguls with the new snow fall. Planning to go out again after I walk the dog tonight.
  4. 1/16/20 I was out in the evening, probably only did 12 runs and had to take a break in the middle to warm up my toes. Gteam had stubbys on Warners, 4 slalom courses setup on Olympic, and 1 on Crossroads. Even when they are done with the gates on Crossroads the snow becomes like scorched earth, no one dares to go over there. I should have taken a picture of the bottom of the moguls, by 7 o'clock it looks like a freeway of tracks that cut below the moguls and across the hill to the chalet. Extra traffic because of the terrain park on Redtail? Maybe cause people ski faster when there is only a sliver of space between the moguls and the slalom course on Crossroads? Maybe its all just a sign to work on my short turns on skis? Cause if you have good short turn you can do anything
  5. They have a sign that says its a park now at the top of Redtail but it easily missed. The beer league folks really should go left then around on the mouse pass, (kinda sucks on a board but no big deal on skis) Then they don't have to go really fast at the bottom to get around the magic carpet where tons of people congregate to get back up the hill where the bar/banquet room is.
  6. 1/12/20 Boarding in the evening, the snow was slow but way better than Welch =( They extended the terrain park further up Redtail ridge
  7. I skied Sunday morning, Ski challenge had pretty much taken over milk run and crossroads, there was a lot of people there racing. The Sun was out on my way to the hill then disappeared. I'll be out Tuesday evening on the board, there might even be an MK appearance...
  8. Skiing mash potatoes is fun, the board not so much. Patti and I have tomorrow off, now thinking about giving Spirit a try Tuesday.
  9. Patti and I are thinking of coming up to Spirit tomorrow to ski, I'll keep checking the web cam to see if it starts to rain or not...
  10. Check out the Buck Hill Milk Run web cam, what are they doing? Putting in more b net at the bottom of the run? I'm guessing that is for the christmas camp thing
  11. I'll be on my board tomorrow, but it looks like it's gonna be warm...
  12. I made it out last evening on the SL board, didn't stay too long, maybe 8 runs on the board then skied. Parking lot was a mess when I got there 5:45ish, there was a bus with it's emergency lights on where you would make a right into the parking lot and people were lining up behind it but it was going anywhere. People making the left starting going around the car that was waiting to make the left. I ended up going in the exit. Snow was pretty skied up on crossroads but was decent, milk run was all fenced off, red tail ridge and the park below was closed. Snow seemed pretty crispy on the south side of the hill. Wind was blowing up hill so everything seemed slow.
  13. Thinking I'll be out tomorrow night, might bring out the board this time... Maybe Saturday Night For sure Sunday morning, what time you guys headed there Sunday morning?
  14. Hope they don't have the same fate as Moon Valley... You'll have to buy some of that awesome Buck swag in the ticket office! Ask them how much for the lunch in the fridge that's on the left as you enter, lol. The brewery that I was thinking of but couldn't remember its name is called The Lab I stayed till about 2:30, felt pretty tired after walking the dog when I got home.
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