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TD2 Steel step in, F2 Titanium Intec, Power Plates


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I've decided that the future lies with conventional bindings (plates of course, just not step-ins)


TD2 Gold with steel step-in receiver, yellow elastomers, 0/3 degrees: SOLD

TD2 with steel step-in receiver, purple elastomers, 0/3 degrees: SOLD

F2 Titanium Intec step-in, I'll throw in whatever cats I have: SOLD

Bomber Power Plates, red elastomers, 3/3 degree cants. These are new - as far as I can tell have never been ridden. SOLD

I have an extra 0 deg plate and an extra 6 degree plate if anyone needs them.  SOLD WITH TD2s


All gone. Thank you for playing "Let's fund Jordan's new board" 🙂




Shipping is $15 for each if shipped conus (USPS flat rate medium box) 



Photo Mar 18, 8 21 38 PM.jpg

Photo Mar 18, 8 21 44 PM.jpg

Photo Mar 18, 8 21 55 PM.jpg

Photo Mar 18, 8 22 01 PM.jpg

Photo Mar 18, 8 23 37 PM.jpg

Photo Mar 18, 8 24 47 PM.jpg

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