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Intec Heel Installation.


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I noticed on my Son's F2 Heels (that I installed) that the Ferrule in the bottom on the boot would sometimes catch and prevent the pins from full extension.  There were 2 spots that were the cause.  The plastic foot-bed would catch, and there was some detritus from the hole drilled that would sometimes prevent that Ferrule from dropping all the way down.  This did not happen when first checking the binding, and was only during the 2nd trip that it was noticed.

No accidents here, and I was glad he was able to catch it before it turned into a pre-release.

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1 hour ago, lowrider said:

I have a bad habit of using the intec handles to carry the boots perhaps a cause of your situation ?

Thanks for the input.

Absolutely not.  I put the boots on in  the condo and hike to the people mover, so no need to even carry them.

I did a recheck on another pair of boots and same thing.  The foot-bed showed abrading where the cable went into the boot.  After taking the foot-bed out, the ribs where the cable went through would also catch a bit.  I cleaned up the area to make sure that there was no future problems .

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I use duct tape to hold the cable housing to the inside of the boot shell.  It keeps the cable from drifting and sometimes ending up pressing on my ankle bone.  It also prevents the cable housing from riding up and out of the hole in the heel.  I use about 5" of tape so it stays put.

While I'm here, I learned another clever trick with tape from someone on this forum several years ago.  I am using TD3-si bindings.  But I suspect this same problem can happen with other binding designs as well.  Often snow will pack into the indents in the toe block where the bolts go.  It's particularly bad on warmer days.  After a few runs, I will end up with a large block of ice on the toe block which prevents me from clicking in.  Chipping it off is a hassle.  Applying a piece of electrical tape to the toe block over the bolts will prevent the ice build up.  It's cheap and works brilliantly.

Good luck.

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