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Fullbag Diamond Blade 163 Softboot Carver


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Fs/ft 163mm Fullbag Diamond Blade. I bought this board new last season and put 5 days on it. This is an incredible softboot carver with excellent edge hold and stability at speed. It also floats remarkably well on softer snow and is a versatile all mountain freeride machine.

Cosmetically, there is some discoloration around the insert packs from my Flow center disks/baseplate elastomers. On the base, there are some superficial marks that should come out with a base grind (never been ground). There also appears to be less than an inch of typical mild surface oxidation on one of the edges that should come out with a wet stone, or an edge tune.


Overall, a killer ride from boutique board builder, Mig at Fullbag!





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13 hours ago, BlueB said:

I was so tempted to try that board, but I knew I would not like the width... 


Width is definitely noticeable as you change edges. If you change edges slowly, it feels almost like two discrete motions rather than a smooth roll. The effect can be minimized with technique, so I would still recommend trying it as there is so much good about the board. It holds an edge nearly as well as a hardboot board, and handles powder, bumps, and chop better than any freeride board I have ever ridden. The only time I would bother with my powder board now is if I know I can get untracked all day and there are flat sections I need to get past. The shallow nose dives in powder if you don't carry speed.

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Nah, I know, from riding other boards, that 26.5 is too much. My boots are small and I ride only HB now days. Even with a duck stance on 25 waisted board I dont have much overhang. OTOH, if I wanted a dedicated SB carver, I'd be probably all over it. 

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