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[Withdrawn] 185 Kessler and plate for sale


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No longer for sale.

I picked up a Kessler over here- 

Here's a pic of the boards issue- https://photos.app.goo.gl/RCVZdy6DhNV7iXrYA

I already owned an Apex plate that matched the boards early Apex inserts.  Without the plate the board has a single set of 4x4 inserts so the board needs the plate like peanut butter needs jelly.  So I won't be separating them...

I've ridden this setup only a handful of runs.  I just don't like the high angles my big feet need on the 20cm waist.

How about $300.00 plus shipping for the package?

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6 minutes ago, Mr.E said:

If you have any interest in selling just the Apex plate, please keep me posted.

I'd feel really bad selling the board without the plate.  It only has two 4×4 inserts and the old Apex inserts.

I'm sure you're aware that Apex no longer makes the kits to attach this generation of plates to other insert patterns. 

This makes it difficult to separate these two...

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More information for the next browser.

I put some more pictures here- https://photos.app.goo.gl/XbgzASXivixjXJse6

Insert Spacing-

Board 4x4 pattern

46 cm on center narrowest set of inserts


42 cm on center narrow

46 cm on center widest

Plate allows ~3cm fore-aft shift

Using my F2 I get the following stance width possibilities:

Board by itself 47 cm to ~53 cm

Board and plate 43.5 cm to ~53 cm

I don't think the early rise in the tail is intentional... that said it is subtle and pretty much disappears when the board is weighted as I hope I demonstrated in the more pictures.  Maybe the board wasn't stored properly? Anything I type would just be a guess. 

Damaged?  to me this looks like someone stored the board incorrectly rather than riding damage.  But other than what Slopestar wrote in his ad I don't know anything more.  I can say I haven't noticed it when I rode it but I've only ridden a few runs with it.  It's damp... and it goes too fast.  My home hill is a 300 ft vertical drop and I've only ridden it ~5 runs... but I didn't notice the rise while boarding at all.  

The plate's mounting system is only compatible with early Apex insert patterns BUT Henry at Apex told me they did make mounting systems for this plate compatible with 4x4 and UPM insert patterns.  Apex no longer has any in stock nor will they make any... apparently a few were made and almost 100% sent to race teams.  So there's probably some in closets somewhere.  I have been unable to find any.

Other than the extra early decamber at the left rear of the board it is in good shape. It has collided with a gate or two in the nose but whomever had it had pre-filed the top ptex back and so the impact and effect was minimal.  I tried to capture this in a photo.

The base is in excellent condition with a nice structure. Edges are sharp, I don't know their angles.

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the grammers....
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