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Let’s hear about the Thirst 9SW

Carvin' Marvin

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Funny you should ask...

I've had six days on the 9SW so far, the last three in a row being epic long days with over 30 000 vertical feet each.  I just can't get enough of these SW turns.  I don't even want to stop for lunch.  This is my board of choice right now.  I love the speed and stability; I can throw a ton of power at it and it'll turn tight for me, or go long around the crowds and bring my speed back under control in one big low turn...

The 9SW is designed specifically for big, fast high g-force turns in good conditions, but also to keep the rider centered and reduce the overall movement needed to maintain edge control through those turns (kind of as described in the recently popular "relaxed carving" thread).  Yes, it does all of these things, and it's quite good on refrozen icy cord too.  195cm overall length in an asymmetrical package, 18m average sidecut, 182cm effective edge.  Big enough that people will assume you're trying to compensate for something.

Be warned though, this board is fast and dangerous.  It's a very big board.  Sure, it'll initiate quick enough to avoid that skier trying to pass on your backside, but you're gonna push hard into it, angulate a lot, and carry a ton of speed and force through that turn, so the consequences are higher if you mess it up.  It doesn't really want to turn at slow speed, but it'll turn tight enough to stay mellow and in control at medium speeds if you work it.   Mine is a .303 flex index, which is probably a fair bit stiffer than the "suggested rider weight" would be for my 158 lbs.  I imagine it rides a bit slower and easier if you're closer to the proper weight range.  Can't say for sure and I don't care to find out; I like mine just the way it is.

The bottom line is simple: if you like the way the 8RW rides (which everybody does) but you want to ride faster and with more power and intensity, and if you think you can handle 182cm of effective edge, then order yourself a 9SW.  For me, if the cord is in good shape I want to ride the biggest board my legs can handle.  If the conditions aren't great where you ride, if your runs are crowded or narrow, or if you're not fully confident in your riding ability yet, then the 8RW is the board you want.  Still a long board, but not a ridiculously long board.  That one is my board of choice for ice or chop, and crowds.

I wasn't planning to review the 9SW because it's kind a limited edition thing, with only three in existence.  If Mark is willing to make you one, that probably means he trusts you to handle it.  My understanding was that it's not on offer to everybody.  Also wasn't going to review it because I don't have anything to compare it to; my next biggest board has only 168cm effective edge: not even in the ballpark.   But so far I'm having a blast on the big board and I highly recommend the 9SW to anyone who's craving more intensity,  speed, and g-force.  And don't be afraid, it feels safe and it always holds the edge.  Exhilarating ride.


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Thanks Crack. What angles are you riding? I understand it’s about 17 cm wide? I was originally leaning towards a 8rw but it sounds a little similar to my stubby. Looking for something different. Bummer I can’t try one. 

My new home mountain definitely has the runs for it. 

Edit: looks like marks stock offering of this is 19.1 cm wide. I thought someone (maybe Al) got a narrow one. 

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I have a 9SW.  I am not as good as describing ride qualities however I will say that it is a "Giggle Fest Rocket Ship Rollercoaster Ride".  Mark at Thirst did a great job building what I wanted,  A 8RW that goes lower, longer, faster.  Mine is mid 18cm at waist, 65/60ish on angles, stock flex (.143)and beautifully constructed.

I have not gotten as much time on it as I would like.  Been busy with a little carving event project.  But hoping to have time soon.  

The key to the Thirst boards is moving your bindings around to find the sweet spot. I am amazed at how the ride quality gets once you find your sweet spot, for me it was about 1 inch back from center on the inserts on both the 8RW and 9SW.



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Great Review/Writing.  More often than not when I read review; I left with more confusion/question than I started.  This time I get it in first try.
Your ability to articulate/communicate is admirable.  BTW thank you for your generous offer on RACES!

“If all my possessions were taken from me with one exception, I would choose to keep the power of communication, for by it I would soon regain all the rest” -- Daniel Webset

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