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Public Service Announcement - Dehydration Re-Visited


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Was digging thru the forum today for discussion on dehydration which is very near and dear to me now but the thread degenerated into a discussion on water quality so here is my public service announcement for all you carvers 39 yrs and counting.

I suffered from leg cramps just about every post carving session and sometimes at night which was explained to me to be symptoms of dehydration. I drank a little more but never in massive quantities.

I took possession of two new boards in November and was extremely stoked to try them out.  Came home after the 4th session of the year and had a dull pain in my back which eventually lead me to the hospital for a CAT scan because I thought I broke a rib boarding or burst my appendix. It was a little fricken kidney stone slicing its way down from my kidney trying to find its way out thru my appendage. I watched a month of the season fly by with two boards by my side before the issue was resolved with laser beam surgery because the little bastard decided to stop moving.

Why the long story...because I was never told of the risk of kidney stones due to dehydration. You need to consume 2 - 3 liters of water every day so you can make 2 liters of urine if you have any chance to ward off a stone. That is a lot of water that I would have gladly drunk every day instead of having a laser beam stuck up my [fill in the blank].  The broadest class of stone generation has no metabolic root cause, comes on suddenly with a vengeance, and can happen to anybody because they are a function of the food we all eat and the lack of water that you [not me now] drink. 

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Amen to that.  I've got a 1.5 liter water bottle at work that I have to finish off before going home everyday.  My dad got kidney stones and peed them out the good old fashioned way.  I do _not_ want to go through that, ever.  Besides, lasers up that hole just aren't my kink.

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Water is sometimes not enough. On hotter days, or after really strenuous exercise, you need electrolytes too, mostly potassium. 
Since I started drinking the coconut water after (on top of some water I'd have during) snow sports and both coconut and regular water during sport in the summer months, I hardly had any cramps. 

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On the topic of kidney stones. I was once admitted to hospital for constipation. Might sound funny. But anyone who's experienced it will know it feels like you've been stabbed in the gut. Had morphine that day due to the pain. And to relieve the constipation I had 4L of water in a couple of hours, a drip and other things which were inserted in a place I'd rather not discuss.

Anyway... I also had some small kidney stones, the scan revealed. The constipation was brought on by my high protein athlete diet but also that day I had just started teaching for the semester, forgot my drink bottle, was rushed everywhere and it was 40 degrees Celsius outside. Didn't drink a thing. Dehydration. 

So yeah moral of the story, if you don't want things stuck up your schlong, drink more water, if you don't want things stuck up your butthole, also drink more water.


On the slope I use a Geigerrig The Rig hydration pack for me. 1.5L of Aquarius inside (Japan version of Gatorade) and boom I'm good for the day. If I need a top up, just head to the nearest bottom of lift cafe and pour some water in. Easy. 

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