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Sold - Coiler Nirvana 174 w/ SkiMD tune


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Up for sale is my custom 174 Coiler Nirvana Vcam T+ in basically brand-new condition. I took delivery of this board from Bruce at the end of the season 2 seasons ago and had it tuned and structured by Mike deSantis of SkiMD (over $100 alone), who no longer service snowboards. I rode this board for a total of 1/2 a day. Due to unforseen circumstances shortly after, I had to move from the Northeast to NYC, and will be moving to DC later this year. Last year's season was 1 day for me (spent on my Donek 163) and I don't see myself riding further south, so I can't justify lugging around all my gear any longer. 

This Coiler is probably as close to new as you can get without actually being new. No marks on top sheet or base. Carbonium topsheet texture, hybrid nose, square tail. Features Bruce's magic sauce for increased grip in icy Northeastern snow. Sidewall inscription: T 174 NFC VC 016AC - 6.5+9. Built for me at 185lbs. The SkiMD structure on this board is absolutely unreal and must be experienced to understand completely- scary fast with very very smooth gliding properties and ultimate edge hold. This board was in a completely different league compared to the Kessler with a no-name tune that I also had at the time. I really wish I could get more time on this beautiful machine.

Scr: 11/13, waist: 20W







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4 hours ago, David Kirk said:

I don't know Bruce's numbering system.....can you tell me the sidecut radius of this board?


I researched the numbering system on here before, and from what I understood, the sidecut is not part of it..

T 174 NFC VC 016AC - 6.5+9

T for Titanal |174 cm length | NFC Nirvana FreeCarve | VC Varial Camber | 016AC built in 2016 + customer initials | 6.5 flex | +9 decamber

Correct me if I'm wrong ?

EDIT: Got my info from @arneburner in this topic

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