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Epic day with Dave Redman


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Met up with Dave at Big Sky today.  Rode a chair up with him and a little chit chat.  Caught another chair with him and it was game on.  One of the best days I've had and on the South side, the most snow I've ever seen.  Waist deep and that is the absolute truth.  This guy can ski anything.  One of the best days I've had.  Looking forward to more.

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Yes it was waist deep.  

Yes it was variably sunny and very comfortable temperatures.  

Yes it was amazing.

Would have been better on a pow board... But a 174 Coiler Nirvana T4 Energy is a powder board....right?

Yes I got my ass handed to me over and over by @bumpyride.

Following @bumpyride around yesterday was like trying to keep up to a 10 year old all jacked up RedBull and OtterPops.  He knows every snakey squirrelly bumpy steep tree and snag line at Big Sky.  He only stopped on the run to wait for me.

He beat the hell out of me... then proceeded to tell me that he is 23 years older than I am and has had a tripple bypass... So I guess that means I have at least 23 more years of riding!

It was an epic day.  Lots of laughs, great terrain, super deep snow.  Thank you for sharing your super secret snakey, bumpy, squirrelly fun lines that you rode so effortlessly.  Today I eat handfuls of ibuprofen and heal up for the next one... 

If any of you are ever at Big Sky... seriously meet up with Bumpyride... he will change the way you look at riding hard boots and what is possibly.  He picks some of the smoothest lines in the roughest terrain.  I was amazed.

I will be back next week!


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I had a 174 Coiler Nirvana T4 Energy barreling down my ass all day.  It was all I could do to keep from being run over.:eek:

I've got sleepy eyes and no intentions of starting early.  No snow last night.  It will be a day I'll remember for a very long time.

My 48 year old son (who could be your brother) got in late last night, and thankfully went back to bed.

Remember it ain't the operator, it's the equipment, or something like that.

Thanks for a great day.


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I decided to take a crapshoot and get one of these.  Between my son and I, we have have 2 each.  I looked at many powder boards and decided to go with the Nitro Quiver line and chose the squash because it had the stiffest flex, positive camber, short progressive sidecut, early rise, big setback, and most importantly for me (cause I'm a bit of a lightweight) the narrowest waist of anything I could find (251mm)   It is definitely stiffer than my old go to board the Burton Coil.  Both my son (who weighs 180) and I (I'm 135) are both are riding the 153.  It really floats, and Dave can pretty much attest to that.  Made in Austria and the 2019s are now out in the land down under.  Yes, I'm kind of shilling for them, but it has far exceeded any expectations I've ever had for any board, not just a powder board.



Ability Level:Advanced-ExpertMore 

Rocker Type:CamberMore 


Flex Rating:StiffMore 

Binding Mount Pattern:2x4


Athletes:Bryan Fox and Austin Smith

Warranty:2 YearsMore 

Size (cm)153  159

Tip Width (mm)295  301

Waist Width (mm)251  255

Tail Width (mm)289  295

Sidecut Radius (m)8.0  8.4

Stance Setback (mm)25  25

Stance Range (in)520 - 640  520 - 640

Stance Range (mm)20.5 - 25.2  20.5 - 25.2

Rider Weight (lbs)110+ 130+


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