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Bulls copperhead 3 RSI mountain bike


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Very off topic. But i know theres at least a couple of cyclists here.

I'm in the market for a new hardtail. Came across these guys. German made, all XT 1×11 drivetrain components, fox float 32, 650b, thru axles, all the goodies. They have great reviews. And through the 15th you can get 50% off. That's a $2200.00 rig for 1100 bucks... Anybody know anything about them?


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There not a massive brand but they do put out some fairly good bikes I had a bounce about the car park on wyn masters bulls DH race bike a couple of years ago a little heavy compared to the carbon bikes but it was lighter than my specilized demo 8. If the sizing is correct for you id say go for it if you think its a good deal with alu frames youll generally break componets rather than the frame unless you decide to go doing 5 foot + drops to flat repeatdly there generally pretty happy and will last a long long time

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I'm figuring at that price I really have nothing to lose. I'm replacing a 20 year old stumpy that still works perfect but it's too small. 

I just compared the geometry to a santa Cruz chameleon and a Scott scale. They're pretty comparable other than the head tube angle is a bit slacker. 

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Yeah. This is 1100 bucks (theyre currently "50% off" in their spring sale) for a full XT build and a fox float 32. That's a killer deal compared with anything with the same components. I paid 2500 for an M4 stumpjumper with XT just over 20 years ago.

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