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F2 Race Titanium Bindings - SOLD


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Lots of interest, nobody has pulled the trigger yet on the last pair. So my last price drop - $130 plus shipping. Worried about not having center discs? Donek sells them for $19.00. I edited the photos so you can see the remaining pair. In the first two photos, they are the pair on the right.

I have two sets on set of medium sized, F2 Race Titanium bindings, standard bail. They are in very good shape. I haven't ridden much in the last few seasons so I would estimate they have 10 days on them. They are identical except one set is missing the F2 logo on the toe bail and one set has a matt finish base plate while the other has glossy (chrome).

The front binding is canted. The rear binding is flat with a heel lift. That's how I ride but additional lifts and cants are available from Donek or YYZCanuck. 

Both have the center disk cover (not pictured), as well. 

USD$175 each plus shipping. Reduced to USD$160 plus shipping.

Now USD$130 plus shipping.









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Set A sold. Set B still available. 

Price reduced to USD$160 because I can't find one of the centre discs and the one I can find has a small chip in it. In case you've never owned F2s before, the first thing you do with them is ditch the centre discs. They have no functional purpose and tend to shake loose when riding.

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