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Little rock drop and bottom turn

Carvin' Marvin

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Experimenting with gif format for little clips since it is easy. Sorry if it looks like crap. 

Found a fun little rock to jump off of on a soft day! Had to roll down the windows just a tad. 


*it seems to take a time or two to reach the full(very low) frame rate

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16 hours ago, daveo said:

Can you shoot me some specs? Just curious.. 

Sure thing. 163 long 20 wide 10.5m sidecut. I bought it from a member here that had it custom made but it feels like it was made for me. I ride it everywhere except trees because it's hard to keep enough speed to decamber it. It's my go-to. 

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17 hours ago, moose said:

Awesome GIF creation! Inspiring that you are doing that on a Proteus... I am SO STOKED on my Proteus but usually ride the softboot board in any kind of softness and only carve it - this is inspiring me to get a little more creative with it! 

Thanks! You ride summit don't you? I'm in Silverthorne.  Let's make some turns!

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On 2/28/2018 at 3:17 PM, moose said:

Oh man I would be STOKED to ride together! This year I've been riding Keystone and A-Basin with an occasional Loveland day, you riding there at all? 

CM usually joins us at Lovey on Sundays. Super fun to watch and ride with. Join us when you can, all are welcome. 8:30 at lift 1 or earlier at table across from the Wedge Bar upstairs. 


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