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Winter park


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On 3/2/2018 at 2:35 PM, slopestar said:

here sat and Sunday too. Sorry we missed you nate 

No worries, Lance. I had to wait for a co-worker at the top of the Super Gauge anyway. And there was no question of keeping up with you the way that Glissade worked my punk-a** on Trestle. I've learned a valuable lesson about abruptly switching from a dull-edged, boat hulled surfboard to a recently ground and sharpened longboard on a crusty bump run. It appears that I'm just as stupid as I seem.

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Probably some of the best conditions. Smooth runs and fairly firm. Fast too!

 Saw another hardbooter riding a pure carve with Burton boots. 
I had a slow start since I broke a strap when putting my front foot in. Luckily I had another board so I pilfered the strap from it and raced up. Meet up with Katie and Lance at the top of Olyimpia Express. You could tell where they’ve been from the lift😄. We ride that line for a bit and then played Russian roulette by crossing Cranmer on the way to the bottom. 
Even though it got busy, I’m liking WP more and more. It has a ton of variety and if you know where to go you can also get some pretty quiet runs (not at this time of year though, it’s crazy everywhere).

 Katie, Lance, it was awesome seeing you and riding with you! Hopefully see you next week in Loveland 🙂


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8" of fluff on pretty hard crust. I got up first chair and enjoyed a couple of excellent runs before the hoards took over and wreaked it all (while hooting as though the crappy crud was the best thing ever).


Coverage is still thin despite all the snow. WP really does need more terrain open. 

Oh yeah, starting this Saturday they are implementing a reservation system. Not necessarily a bad thing because it really does limit how many people are on the hill while it's fairly easy to get up here if you are a day tripper.

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