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A weight loss regiment


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There are lots of programs for sale, but few work.  I like this recent rant about changing your life, but written from a fitness zealot to other fitness zealots who have people asking them how to change their current path: https://breakingmuscle.com/amp/fitness/how-to-talk-to-a-fitness-newby 

I left my sarcasm at home today.  :p  Skinny people need boards too!  

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Well, then let yourself waste away a bit.  1500 calories consisting mostly of kale and rice per day with no protein or fat should do the trick.  (There, I found my sarcasm!)  

Alternately, sign up on a powerlifting forum.  They'll call you an insect and suggest you add 40 lbs to start.  ;)  

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The best thing I did for my carving is to drop some weight.
I am a fan for IF(intermittent fasting).  Look up 5:2 diet.  Took up running and the proper flex board is a key changer for me.

I remembered I had a conversation with Bruce that it's difficult to get the flex of board right for folks that's above 220lb.
I was 240lb+ and "fit and strong": Now I am at about 185-195(depends on how much i eat/lift/run); i can barely press 2 plates /cry....

I missed my strength but amazed at how we can tune our body to suit the activity we pursue.

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