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New Coiler Soft Boot board!

Gabe T

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Fresh out of the press!

No, not riding duck stance, although all this talk has me wondering what it would look and feel like. :) Hmmm, what angles do you figure they were riding? ... I’m running 30 front/18 back here.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/CMziK7kfDZY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Stayed tuned on the specs. This is not my board. I believe it's around 164 length, 26 width with about a 10m sidecut. Will post more detailed specs including camber and sidecut details once confirmed.

Bruce started building boards late in the season for some local BX racers so I think the board incorporates some characteristics for the discipline. Although, as you can probably tell it made for a pretty fun freeride board!

Off to ride now. With some rain yesterday might make for some icier conditions today so will see how it handles.

Bindings are Flow NXT AT.

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I spent a bit more time on the board this past weekend in some varied conditions. It was generally pretty soft snow but I did find an icy section early morning where it gripped up pretty nicely.

Rode some banks and went through some soft moguls and found it pretty maneuverable.

Got pretty soft and bumpy by the end of the day but the ride still felt good. It had a nice comfortable flex. When more weight was required on the back to get through soft bumps and corn snow, it had a smooth feathery feel. Easy to slide the board too when required.

In good snow as seen in the vid, it was really fun! This board had full carbon construction which gave it that added pop and lively feel in firm conditions. The 26cm might seem a bit wide, but this suited me fine as I really enjoy getting up on edge without threat of booting out.

I'm around 165lbs and I found the stiffness just about right for me. Sidecut worked well too. Really nice ride in all conditions! This was a pleasant surprise as I wasn't really expecting such a well rounded ride for a BX board. :biggthump

Here are the specs. Some from Bruce and others were from quick measurements I made, so could be slightly off.

Length : 163cm

Width: 26cm

Taper: 10mm

Sidecut; 9/10.5/8.5 (similar to slalom shape)

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Hello Gabe!

You know with what minimum angle I could ride for and what minimum width of board ?

. ex. angles: 45 Front Rear -30, width board: 21 cm ?

This will really depend in large part on your boot size. If the goal is to have a set up with as low angles as possible without the threat of booting out, one with smaller boots will be able to set up lower angles. Not sure I interpreted your question correctly. I'm guessing you are talking about an alpine setup based on the 21cm width in your example.

I often vary my binding angles depending on the board I am riding.

I have not experimented too much with really high angles on a softboot setup. The highest I tried may have been 33 on the front. I think there will be a threshold at some point where too high an angle will result in diminished edge to edge control.

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