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  1. The slice is an amasing soft boot carver. I want one so bad. Paired with some really stiff binding this could mean the end of my hardbooting career Oh and the one I tried had the asymetrical mumbojumbo for a goofy rider and rode it regular with no issue. Carved like a dream and much more tame them the BFXR I tried.
  2. Jones Apollo are soft to you ? You Monster ! always wondered which Now binding they were made of. Definatly stiffer the Drive, but "softer" the O-Drive. Guess that would be the Recon ? I agree on one thing Genesis X are noodles compared to the Apollo. Love the Gen-X none the less.
  3. Je n'ai lu que tu positif sur la SG soul. La amplid pentapark je n'ai rien pus trouver. Je suis les developpements.
  4. This year I pared Paired my Fullbag HammerHead with some Jones Apollo Bindings at 30/+9. This is now my go to setup for carving....I feel dirty. Although I did try a Coiler Slice and I really want one with 28.5 width at the inserts. Just need to find loose $$$. And for cruising around/ go anywhere good Ol' Blunt Diamond with Cartels. Took the hardboots out twice: One perfect morning on my favorite run for 1 hour before customer could use the chairs on my Stubby2.0. and one cardio morning on a SG163. This thing is nuts. Fun to try, but I am glad I just paid 50$ for it. Not my cup of T
  5. K2 Thraxis are fine, K2 Holgate are quite stiff too. Just make surre they're the right boot for your foot. If you have a frankenfoot the triple BOA is great. Never had a BOA loosen up on me. K2 boot quality is a hit or miss. My K2 maysis plus stiching failed, so did this year Holgate. Although never had issue with the Thraxis.
  6. 200$ Ridé moins de 10 fois avec. Excellente condition. Ce sont des larges https://www.yyzcanuck.com/shop/bindings/f2-race-titanium/
  7. envoi-moi les coordonnées au cas où. Donc personne n'organise de set-up "à la ECES ?"
  8. Est-ce qui a groupe qui se loue un chalet et qui reste de la place pour 1 ?
  9. Very interested in seing some Pictures of the cuff mods please if you can.
  10. Neil softboot break down/soften FAST ! Hence why you should take the stiffest boot you can. After 30-50 days on them you'll loose tons of stiffness. At the 100 marks they're done for
  11. First thing first: have your fit measured both for lenght and width. Buy your softboot in Mondo size like you'd do with your hardboot. Second: go to a shop and try all the boots brands. Not one company fits alike. I have a K2 foot, no point trying to fit into a driver X or anything else. The only thing holding my feet properly is K2. So find the brand your foot is the most secured in and get the stiffest boot they got. If you have wide feet your choices are limited. So far, I know of the Maysis Wide, burton ruler wide and burton photon I believe. Try them all. Do not shop for a perticu
  12. Can't find the side cut radius spec on Virus's website. Mr Gruumer ?
  13. From my experience Drake quality and after market service is one of the worst in the industries. I love Burton Genesis X for carving on my Fullbag Hammerhead. If you ride hardboot with F2s I think you will like these.
  14. Same mold but different plastic ? Cool
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