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  1. Hoho ! Les stratos s’en vont mon charles ! as tu trouvé ton bonheur ailleurs ?
  2. Coiler BXFR pour moi .... ca carve solide mm en back le derriere frotte a terre , beaucoup de fun avec , du sur mesure a ton poids et ton gout !
  3. Yes exactly ! with the river below there is an incredible view in real life . with the river below there is an incredible view for real. I recommend this place, the visual spectacle is crazy
  4. hi friends! I am a pure hardbooter, but since bruce made this board for me, the dark side made me discover a passion for softboot! I carve with this thing like never before! again and again thank you bruce! BXFR approx 8 m radius and asymetrical
  5. hi guys! if you do not know the radius of your board it is possible to calculate with the formula: R = (((C / 2) ² / F) + F) / 2, or by drawing the arrow in relation to the rope the arc on a drawing software. unless your radius is made up of several radius . in this case you will still have a fairly close measurement. enjoy !
  6. Hi friends ! we are a gang of riders from quebec and we leave every week for 1 week. we would like to know how is the quality of snow, the weather in general (winds and others) but especially if there are pichs large and steep enough to make extreme carving? we will greatly appreciate all the info you can give us! thank you ! good carving friends!
  7. Deja vu ca kke part !!!!
  8. Howw ! Nice board !
  9. Ouff ! J’etais interresse , mais je pese 145 merci quand meme et au plaisir !
  10. Salut topo ! Peux tu me donner pour quel poids du rider pour la razor ? merci ! Hi topo! Can you give me for what weight of the rider for the razor? thank you !
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