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TD3 sidewinder pads


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Hi all,

Have been using the TD3 SW for a long time now..last week I noticed one of the pads got loose, sliding out toward the center of the back binding..I went to a shop and pressed it back in....the next day it got loose again and I lost it ( blue pad)..

Any idea what I can do to make sure they do not slide out during riding...it has never happened to me before, and I wonder why suddenly one of them slipped out...

Since I'm doinc EC with low angles ( 46°back) and get a lot of lateral movement might explain something...might be the warm temperatures we had too.



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We have yet to see the E-pads for the SW wear out. But not to say they cannot. I know you have had those for quite some time and you are an incredible carver who really pushes your gear. So it may be possible that the E-pad is wore out. Again have not seen this but possible as everything wears out eventually. Let me make a guess and say it is the one under the heel? Bindings see the most force here, under the heel.

Drop me or Michelle a line and we'll get a your a new E-Pad and talk about checking the ones you have out.

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thnx Fin

Actually they seem unbreakable and they did not wear out at all ( the pads, and the bindings of course) the whole bindings are like new after 3 seasons! ( the best bindings I ever tried / had..no more bent bails, broken anything!)

..its just that the pad can slip out in some extremecases, despite the little aluminium angle that is supposed to keep it in place...maybe I could try sticking with double side tape a new one back..( yes its the inside heel / backfoot where the lateral pressure from the boot is maximum).

What is good is you can still ride the binding with a missing pad!

Am putting and order now for a new set so I have spare in case it happens again..



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the issue occurs because of low angle ( 23cm wide board) and lots of lateral movement ( EC)...I guess it does not occur on regular alpine board with higher angles...and out of 60-70+ days of riding its the first time it happens...and only one one pad!

Maybe putting a single layer of adhesive ( double side ) could maintain the pad in place..

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