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Soft boot carving boards and Catek FR1


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Up for grabs one Donek Incline 166cm, don't know the year, or if it was a special build. Ok condition, has been used, no major damage. Scratches on top sheet, some scratches on base, nothing to deep. Good all around board, carving, powder, trees, bumps


Oxygen Supercross 164,

One of my favourite boards ever, strong soft boot carving board, super fun, quick and agile. Don't let the manufactured year fool you, I've tried other soft boot carving board a lot newer that could not keep up with this one. Selling because I bought a custom built Donek Razor from another Bomber member. Want to try something different.

Bought this board almost new, and rode it for 3-4 years on and off. Maybe put 7 to 12 days on it. Base has never been touch other than wax. Has small scratches on base from transport, and riding, same with top sheet, I would say the board is in good condition.


Overall Length (cm): 164

Running Length (cm): 136.5

Effective Edge (cm): 140.1

Stance Width (cm): 24.6

Tip Width (cm): 29.0

Waist Width (cm): 24.0

Tail Width (cm): 29.0

Tip Height (cm): 5.5

Tail Height (cm): 3.0

Side Cut Radius (m): PROG. 9.5/8.5

Stance Range (cm): 41-57

Stance Offset (cm): 3.5

Weight Range (kg): 60-100+

Rossignol The Experience. 164MW

Design by Jeremy Jones, last year he was at Rossignol before he started Jones snowboards. This board resembles the Jones Flagship board. Has Magne-traction borrowed from Marvin (lib tech) which really helps with edge grip on ice and super hard pack. It's not a soft boot carving board, but a great powder, tree, go anywhere do anything board. Has a hybrid camber with early rise tip and tail, and camber in between you feet. This board will float through anything, and will keep you happy even if the trails get all tracked out. Super easy to turn. In ok condition, small repair on base, small dent in clear coat on top sheet. Some usual scratches on base and top sheet.

164cm with 26.1 waist 8.6-10 side cut

Also I have two pairs of Catek FR1, I was not sure if I wanted to sell them, or keep them for future snowboards, if you are looking for a pair, let me know maybe we can work out a deal.



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ackk... sent you a message topoftheworld. Thought i was "dibbing" on a Nomad... (i;ve missed out too often on good stuff on this site and when i saw this on my phone i started "dibbing" immediately). I'll still consider the incline but for now i'd say to everyone else that this is still available.

Feel lame. Sorry.


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Thanks for the endorsement Scrapster, I don't know the exact specs of the Donek, and they are not written on the board. I'll mesure the board tonight to give you an idea.

Baldylox, I sent you an email for shipping info for the Supercross

I had, 2 sets of Catek FR1 for sale, but I broke my FR2 this week, so I might keep one set to replace the FR2. I still have one set of FR1 up for grabs, There are a couple of members waiting for more info, I've been crazy busy, I'll sort everything out tonight.

NWboarder, I'd like to get 180$ for the Rossi.

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