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  1. Sure, it's the same binding, right?
  2. Hi. I'd like to hear what you're asking for the catek bindings please
  3. when the price goes under 3, i like to talk, ty
  4. hi, im in northern NJ. would you consider selling the volkl for 60 shipped? It would be a "beater" sl board, so thats the value for me. thanks for the consideration. ralph
  5. what was bought, what is left? I'm interested in fr2.
  6. I'll keep my eyes open for you in those areas. if you feel like, we can try to get in contact around that time. thanks, rb
  7. hope to be carving at Killington Monday-wednesdaynext week. anybody else expecting to be there?
  8. binding price? You dont happen to have the step in parts do you? and mention the cant/lift specs if you know them, thank you.
  9. Had a terrific time on Sunday..no crowds, better than decent snow. And now, after a season of ski-racing school, my little girl keeps up! IT'S AWESOME! And all for my $300 season pass! Myself and the two (under 7 year old, FREE) kids go about a dozen times...that's about $8/person/day!!!! UNREAL VALUE!!! Now off to Killington Sunday-Wed to wrap up the season (also ALL HALF PRICE LIFTS because of my MCreek pass!!!) I met Gary, quite coincidentally. as he was telemarking!?
  10. that poses the age ol question...do what I'm used to and is "fine" for free, or pay some $ and check out if the other thing is any better. I might do the creek. how far is plattkill?
  11. Like jt said, many fun mellow runs. Even from the top all the way down to the bottom of the gondola can be fun even though a bit flat it's so long and if no one around its nestled in trees for the bottom part. Hey jt, I will be up there by myself next Sunday to Wed. Did you say you know carvers close by?
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