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Princess Diaries, Chapter 3 - Donek FC 163 Metal


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120 lbs

mondo 23.5 boot

bindings: TD2's

the board:

Donek Freecarve Metal

163 cm

20 waist

9.8-11.8 SCR

Demoed this board on Day 6 of SES. I'll start with the caveat that after 5 long days of riding my legs had all the strength of soggy kleenex, and being a demo board this one was really quite a bit too wide and too stiff for me, especially given how little energy I had available. That said, I really liked this board. Easy to skid around in and out of a carve as needed, and easy to initiate a carve once I got it up to speed. (Being a bit stiff for me, this one took a little more speed to get into a carve.) I could crank it up and lay down several nice carves at a time before my poor rubber legs would need a rest. Wish I'd had more energy to really ride this one more. Felt very stable at speed for being a relatively short board, though I think I might have liked the 167 a bit better.

Sean assures me that he can modify the width and flex to suit any needs - and I think this design softened up a bit would provide a very fun, easy, stable, predictable ride. I could easily see getting one of these in the 167cm length, 18cm waist and softer flex for a great, all-day fun carver.

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I'm really grateful to have found this forum, and discovered Donek and Sean!! It's ironic that the end of this season will be my most active on the slopes!! I'll be heading up to Mammoth every chance I get to get some time on my FC until they close around Jiuly 4!!

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I just got my "new" Donek Metal FC - 163. Been out two times on it and I am not looking back.

I little about me. I was (am?) a Coiler girl in icey-Ontario. This is season number four. 5'2 and curvy (see previous post on Princess Diaries #2 - Coiler). I demoed this board two years ago at ECES and it kicked my ass. I tried it again in March 2012 and feel in love - tried to buy it on the spot, instead Sean refurbished it and sent it to me over the summer. I did demo a few other boards at ECES, but this was it, I could really feel the difference.

The first few days out this year, I took the Coiler and all was good. Then on day four (on Bruce of Coiler-Fame's home hill), I pulled out the Donek. I had been riding pretty hard with the boys on my Coiler so wasn't fresh and was a little worried about what the Donek would do to me, but WOW! Even the warm-up run was good. I feel I have a lot more mobility and freedom on the board than the Coiler, I can get really low and the board responds to me, I feel dynamic on this board and comfortable with a more agressive body stance. I am going faster, deeper and harder than I ever have. The chatter that I was experiencing on the Classic Coiler isn't a problem for me on the Donek and I have had some of the best runs of my life on this board.

I don't think I would get the same response on ice with the Donek (to be seen - we have had a lot of snow already this year), but I feel that this board turns fast and clean when I ask it too. I am comfortable at speed and feel that I actually have a lot of control for little things (like a quick stop into the lift line or dodging people sitting in the middle of the hill).

All in all, I am delighted with my new toy (and the season so far). I feel a little guilty about ignoring my beautiful Couler, but am just having a lot of fun on the Donek.

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