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  1. You can visit whenever you want ... but there is NO vertical in Latvia and I am living in a hotel ... but friendly faces are always welcome in these dark days. A point; at the deepest point of winter, I believe I can expect 6hours of light!
  2. Hey everyone, I am out ... I love riding with everyone, but I moved to Europe in August and am going to stick to adventures this side of the pond. Will miss you all, Mario; do a sour beer in my honour / Corey; make sure people hit the Smoque-Shack for me! Tabby
  3. A great few days with some awesome people - sorry for leaving early, just didn't make sense to stay as the conditions turned. Besides, Tuesday was pretty epic. Thanks to everyone for the good food, good company, good carves and GREAT photos. See you all soon Tabby
  4. Hello, I am still trying to sell this board. If anyone is interested, I will bring it with me to ATC so you can try it. Shipping to the US is a pain so if you are interested and purchase it, I will make the trek across the boarder to get it to you. The board is located in Ottawa and I make frequent trips to the Toronto area. I can also make a trip to Tremblant. Loved this board, but it is time for it to help someone else into this amazing sport
  5. Hello! I am looking for a ride from Denver to Aspen on either Friday or Saturday (if we go up a day early, I get to ride more ... but don't yet have an extra day of accommodation sorted out ...) and then a ride back to Denver Sunday after ATC. I am small and don't take up much room and am willing to barter transportation for company, gas money and lunch. I am flexible with times in and out of Denver (my flight out isn't until Monday). Thanks Tabatha
  6. Hey, Ian and I purchased thr Cascade passes already. Tabatha
  7. Coiler Classic 160 for sale. This is a great for a new carver weight range 130-160. Very forgiving and an excellent board to learn on. This was my go-to board for several years. I wrote a review of it on Bomber a few years back. I love this board (selling because I now need a stiffer board). Top sheet = bright blue flowers. But you can easily buy a board skin with what ever you want on the top. It is in good condition and has a nice tune on it (Someone at ATC gave it the "ice-coast" tune-up). Asking $400.00 (US) plus shipping. I live in Ottawa with frequent trips to Toronto or Montreal. For shipping to the US, we would have to figure that one out. Note - rumor has it that Bruce might not be making Coilers for very much longer. This would be an excellent opportunity to get your hands on one!
  8. I would love a ladies ride ... just going out and chilling with the girls (and laughing at how many guys try and invite themselves along). Count me in on Thursday :-) Leaving tomorrow, and leaving over two foot of fresh snow here in Ottawa. FINALLY.
  9. Big thank you to everyone who took time away from riding and amazing conditions to capture such great pictures. Loved riding (and learning) from you all.
  10. Next time we need to set him up with Bruce and get him on a Canadian made Alpine Board .... http://www.sportsnet.ca/more/prime-minister-justin-trudeau-snowboards-canada-endeavor-top-of-the-world/
  11. Passes - I bought one at Cascade; but I am out of town until March and plan on using it during the day. I believe Ryan bought one for Edelweiss so that might be a better bet, but in general no one has committed to a local hilloc! Hope that helps T
  12. I am thinking of heading to MSLM tomorrow afternoon ... although I have no idea what the conditions will be like. I might be tempted to head out Wednesday morning if I thought there would be people to ride with ...
  13. Hey Ottawa peeps! Looks like the snow fairies are finally remembering us here. To celebrate a few of us are planning on playing hookie on Thursday and heading to Tremblant. That is right; early season road trip. Aim is to be at the North Side parking lot around 9am (trying to confirm lift opening times ...) Let us know if you want to meet us there Think snow!
  14. I am counting the seconds till it starts. The question really is though, how much will be actually get? Please winter ... where are you?
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