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  1. Good idea! I did a few wiki projects, so here are my five cents: A new domain may not be necessary, especially in the beginning, when we do not know if the project is really viable. It is equally possible to use a sub-domain, for example, carving-wiki.bomberonline.com. Wiki projects do not use much server space because their content is mostly text. Videos and pictures can be embedded from third parties' services (youtube etc). I used MediaWiki and highly recommend it. Porting the existing content will be one of the main issues. All such content should have proper references/credits, follow the Wikipedia standards! Each section should have an editor who approves new articles or updates.
  2. Hi Ontarians! If anyone is interested in riding together, we are riding at Mount St. Louis Moonstone during weekdays, from 9 am till 12/1 pm or so. We ride about two times a week when the weather cooperates. If interested, please PM. I have two Extremecarver Gen4 boards for tests (168 M, H) and I will be happy to lend my Gen3 161 XS and S. You should have your own bindings and hardboots! Please PM that you would like to test a board and specify which one in your PM. Cheers, Tali
  3. Hi everyone! I go to MSLM for extremecarving on weekdays when the weather is fine. If anyone is interested, you are welcome to join. I have two demo Swoards Gen4 (168H (77-90 kg) and 168M (66-77 kg)).
  4. Hi guys! Do you have "snow"checks for those who was at the ECS2015 in Zinal on January 30?
  5. Salut et bonne rentrée de Zinal! :-) Moi, j'aimerais venir aussi. Je peux prendre mes planches demos (Gen4 168M, 168H). Comme je voyagerais de Toronoto (avec 3 planches minimum), j'aurais besoin de plus amples informations.
  6. Please count me as yes. I have posted here a question if anyone goes from Toronto and would like to squeeze in the car such a fat and loud person like me. If another anyone is looking for a person to take a chalet together, please count me. I snore and shout at night. In my previous post I wrote I was slim, shy and silent. It seems none got interested. Would you opt for my new personality? I would like to stay for Monday, and if possible, even longer.
  7. Hi, Could you please count me as "yes"? Does anybody go from GTA (I live in North York), and could squeeze me in the car (I am slim)? :) Same about accomodation :)
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