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Kessler 185 KST w/hangl

shane groshong

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185 Kessler KST w/hangl. Silver top. Board has been used, but is in good shape. I weight 230 and bend it very easily. I would say this board is best for someone between 160-200lb. This board won the Nastar Nationals last year with a guy that weights 145, but strong and a very good rider. Very fun board to ride, super stable.

The board has two dings in the nose, but they have remained the same over the year and half of owning the board. Base is good with some surface scratches. Edges are good but thin. Hangl uses the old hole pattern, not the UPM. Does not come with the TD2's seen in picture.

$600 shipped to lower 48.



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I've ridden this board. I was probably 185 or 190 when I rode it, and was able to bend it easily too - and I'm not as strong a rider as Shane is. Having said that, it felt incredibly stable at speed. You don't need to be "the best of the best" skill-wise in order to enjoy this board, although the stronger a rider you are, the more versatile you will probably find it.

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Full disclosure. Shane just bought my Black Kessler KST with Hangl and Tinkler Plate. He is selling this to trade up to my Olympic styled Kessler. You know, bigger, badder. :1luvu: Great chance to make todays economics work for you!! I needed to sell to finance building projects. Shane wants to take advantage to trade up. You?

600$ Bucks shipped for a Kessler with Hangl?? That is almost like getting the board for free!!

Shane if this doesn't sell at this price, call me in a couple days would you?

Thanks, Bryan

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This is a great snowboard at a fantastic price… I’m surprised it’s still for sale. If I didn’t already have new ones then I would buy this Kessler right now.

With this board I was able to beat every snowboarder (and a lot of skiers) at last year’s NASTAR Nationals.

Even though this board is fast in a race course it is also excellent for free-carving – it will make beautiful round turns if you want it to.

Shane, thanks for letting me use this board at Nationals. Please don’t sell it to anybody that I’ll be racing against. ;)

Don Richter

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