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WCRM 177 – Metaltop vs. Topsheet


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By courtesy of CarvingScooby, I had opportunity to ride 2 versions of the Prior WCRM 177, 1st gen. metaltop and last gen. clear topsheet with full carbon. Real treat, considering that my 173 metaltop is one of my favourite boards ever…

I set them both with TD2s on TD3 yellow elastomer, dead center on the inserts, 19.75” stance. Catek Lexan plates on the metaltop, just in case…

You’d think, same maker, same model, they would be more or less the same. Well, wrong! While you get the “Prior” feel from both great boards, they differ quite a bit.

Visible differences:

12m scr on metaltop and 13m on the carbon (makes no difference to the ride); rounder nose and way less decamber on metaltop; more insert setback on carbon, slightly more camber on metaltop, slightly stiffer hand-flex on carbon, more taper on carbon.

Ride differences:

Metaltop is livelier board with more positive hook up and edge set, it responds better to more aggressive input; Carbon is smoother and makes “lazy” riding easier – sc railed heelsides were just a poetry on this board; Carbon is softer in front of the front binding; Metaltop is softer in between the bindings; Carbon rides chopped slope a bit better; Metaltop ECs better.

Also, the previous week, I rode the metaltop with Vist plate. I think I liked it even better that way! I didn’t try the carbon with Vist – it would be a shame to ruin the beautiful top by permanent markings of Vist ;)

Metaltop in action:


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Thanks BlueB. I've always wanted to ride one of the metal topped Priors. I've heard they ride different then the new ones. Thanks for comparing.

The 2010s with the clear topsheet were just dead sexy. Too bad they changed the carbon fibre for 2011. Clear topsheets are no longer an option.

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Clear topsheets are no longer an option.

as i just found out - they're out of the green topsheets & shut me down on another clear. the unidirectional carbon they use now (as opposed to the weave on this model) use probably wouldn't look that great on a full clear anyways. greater likelihood of imperfections to boot.

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Anyone have any tips on cleaning / polishing metal top priors without damaging them?

Any polish what you use for chrome accessoiries for a car, you can use (is safe).

I use this with a cotton cloth (always use 100% cotton, nylon will scratch) to get the snowstains out of my Cyborg BLING BLING EVO II and to get the shine back again:

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Hy1x1v_YYlw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sorry for hijacking this nice board review.

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Just found this thread. Love my metal Prior, easy to ride and looks great. Sold my Prior metal with the topsheet. Just didn't work for me. Here is how i polished my metal board.

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/cZQb4Tfmxuc" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="345" width="420"></iframe>

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