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Mt. Baker Banked Slalom

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Check out some of the names running the Banked Slalom this year:


Amoung the more interesting entries - Mark Fawcett, Matt Morison and Michael Lambert. My money's on Fawcett taking the Pro Masters category. Maelle Ricker's name is in the list but I'm pretty sure she's out with an injury. Too bad because she'd be gunning for a three-peat.

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Yep that's me. I'm now out in Fort McMurray. Haven't hit gates in a few years (although miss it terribly).

I was talking with Steve last week about my coming down to help with the NS team at Nationals this year...although I'd probably want to drop in...maybe forerun. :)

Got in via the lottery in November! Flying out tomorrow... I'll keep you posted.

BTW, is Gtanner = Gord Tanner? I race w/Fairbairn in NS. It's been a while since I've seen you at a race ;)

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Yeah um... been looking at the photos and vid, I see NO reason to not do it in hardboots.... infact looking as some of the past results I see several hardbooter (dont know if they were riding in them at the even) who won their class.

thats a pretty tame course, freecarve/all mtn/bx setup would work just fine with HB's

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Fawcett takes Pro Masters. Morison places a respectable 7th. But what's really impressive is Maelle Ricker winning Pro Women with one arm tied inside her jacket.


Full results here:


How'd you do GAK?

Thanks for asking, had a solid run on Saturday... About 50th place in the open men cat. Obviously some very skilled riders in attendance, but also an impressive depth of field... Every single person in the pro category's (men, women, masters) was a super strong rider. Although some of them may not have raced since the 90's; the cumulative experience at the top of the course was incredible.

I was surprised how difficult the course actually is. The videos probably don't do it justice. It isn't very fast, and there is only one race line to follow in the naturally banked turns. Not like a boardercross track that has high and low options in perfectly groomed berms.

The fact that it is not too fast, I think, is why there are not any carving boards. I ride a 163 Kessler BX, and it was one of the longest and stiffest boards at the event. A lot of guys were on stiff pipe boards or shorter Kesslers. It would be difficult to get enough speed to carve a GS board.

I would love to give the course a shot on a slalom board, but I didn't wanna lug the extra gear across the country... Although, I'm sure most of the riders there could be on hardboots if they wanted, and no one was...

Seriously, one of the most deadly events I've ever seen. Everything from the organizers, to the freebies, to the riders.

Hope I get another chance to go.....



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