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Cateks for sale


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selling this pair of cateks. i am the original owner. size large. binding are in good form. Only issue is I have lost the 2 large bolts that connect the board-mounted disks the boot plate. Best offer by Friday. Shipping can be worked out based on destination. I have a few more photos. I promise to ship asap. Cheers.


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It looks like you are missing 4 of the cant/lift adjustment screws too. Is that correct?


there are 2 short and 2 long cant/lift screws in each plate the short ones are usually well below the visible level if the plates are set close to level

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I'm interested but want to clarify, by "Best offer by Friday", do you mean this Friday 02/11, or do you mean Friday 02/18 when your ebay auction for the same bindings ends? Do you plan to end the ebay auction early if you get a good enough offer?


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$70 shipped...

I sold my Kessler to a guy with huge feet....and promised him long plates... and have been trying to get him long plates since March 2010!... Sad because he is just looking at a perfect Kessler and has boots and has been patiently waiting. He is stoked to get into hardbooting...but can't get bindings to fit his feet. I think these are the only Cateks that will fit up to size 13-14

I have all the spare parts to make these whole again.

The guy has been really nice about the wait... but I feel awful as I never thought it would take this long.

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