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Local boards for sale!


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George, how are you doing?

I was hoping to see a Kessler listed, George! A man can dream I guess :ices_ange Hope your leg is solid again and we can rip with you at SNES

Help me find a shorter Kessler for Mary you can have hers for what I paid for ($400)... :p:p:p:p:p:p

She's looking for something @ 150... Hers is 156 the black one...


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I'm clearing out some of my older boards and I thought I would list them here first. I don't really want to ship them.

149 Oxygen Proton good condition with Proflex bindings $80

156 Rossi Dualtec really clean! $60

Email if interested

Thank you for posting...i am looking for something a little longer…at least 160

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is the Kessler for sale?...if so what size is it and what model

thank you!

Not for sale until I find a replacement @150 or custom shorter... The board is 156L 19W and is custom, not series (so is mine - the silver top - but she said the black top is softer)... Bought it a couple months ago used from Kimiko Zakreski. The price was $400 because she hit a pole in the tip (??). It was repaired by her coach (very well done job). She said she used it in other races and doesn't affect the board in any way...

Sorry George for the derail, I was just doing some advertising: I promise I quit now... Unless, maybe your Kessler is shorter... eheheh

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