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Carry on tuning kit?


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So has anyone had problems with the TSA carrying board tuning tools on as carry-on? I have a case for my tuning stuff that won't quite fit in my board bag. I think it'll be ok but I could see them wigging out about the files. The sharpest thing on there is the files, and err ... they're files ... not a problem? or bad idea?

I hate having to worry about this garbage.

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Not quite board tuning tools, but I had to surrender two screwdrivers that I carried on in my fin-bag (summer vacation). The baggage X ray guy showed me the shiny pointy things on his viewer, and I pulled them out and surrendered them. They started hassling me about the fiberglass fins next, and after seeking a second opinion, let me carry those on.

I wouldn't carry files in a carry on, they might think you could use them as torture devices.

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So I just got back from SES with no problems. The security people at Vail did put the tuning kit box through the x-ray machine detector three different times (not sure why they didn't just open it up). I was actually pretty surprised that nobody ever even wanted to open it up, I had three files, different diamond stones, waxes, scraper, brushes, epoxies, clamps, bevels, iron, sidewall planer etc, etc, etc ...

Your mileage may vary of course, but I did not encounter any problems.

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