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coiler and import costs?


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because of NAFTA, right?

then...why when I ship stuff to canada have the recipients been hit with fees?

oh wait..those were "brokerage fees"

will I pay those for my coiler? that **** really pissed me off. TWICE the recipients didnt pay and FedEx wanted ME to pay! I told them to stuff it.

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If you've already got something on it's way to you by UPS, you can request that you broker it yourself. Call UPS with your tracking number and ask for details on brokering a package yourself.

I do this all the time for eBay stuff from sellers that will only ship UPS. It's convenient for me as I work close to the UPS and Canada Customs offices.

Canada Post/USPS is the cheapest and easiest option if you have the choice.

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They give you the full details if you call 1-800-PICK-UPS. A quick summary though:

-you go to UPS office and pick up paperwork

-take paperwork to Canada Customs office

-Customs agent looks at declared value and item description to figure out how much duty/tax you owe (bring eBay/PayPal printouts in case there is any doubt or errors)

-pay smiling clerk at Customs, he/she stamps paperwork for UPS

At this point you have a choice;

-you can leave the paperwork with Customs and UPS will deliver the package later


-you can take the paperwork to the UPS depot and pick up your package

I think this can all be done by fax too, but I'm not sure. All the offices are fairly close in most cities as they send a LOT of packages and paperwork back and forth.

This has saved me hundreds if not thousands in fees! It's shocking how much the fees add up to over time.

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