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opinions on factory prime for newb


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How would this board be for a relative newb, factory prime 164 (pink deck:rolleyes:)

I can carve the softies on my balance 160, and have ridden hard boots long ago as well as my Lange Zr9's (way too stiff for the board). 5'10, ~160 lbs size 9 foot.

Opinions welcome regarding snow condition required (hero groom only etc)

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its a good board to learn on without spending too much money. really any board will do as you start to learn to ride on hard plates. the least of your worries will be the board...you'll be busy trying to figure out technique. then once you get your feet under you on that board, you can buy a new board from prior, coiler, donek, etc.

i learned on a factory prime.

my 2 cents.

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I think the 164 FP or Speed are great to learn on. The relatively short length is easy to handle when having to skid, and doesn't feel too unwieldy. The 11.9M radius is big enough to get some down time in the carve. This allows more time to think about body position, and what you are doing.


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Thanks for the input, depending on condition I may go this route.

Skid, whats that? :D

Looking to the future, what are decent all mountain boards that will allow me to cut up crud, bumps and steeps that will still make a reasonable carve on the blue corduroy in hardboots?

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The SG Cult is an excellent AM/FC board. It also floats very well in deep powder. It is my goto board for all conditions. I ride it on very steep hike to terrain at Telluride and then carve groomers on the way back down the the village. It will hold its own while carving too. I have the 169 and it is a little cumbersome in tight trees and moggles. That is the only bad thing I can say about it. If I am doing any riding in addition to carving, this is what I'm on. I got mine from exoticsnowboards and I think allboardssports has them too.

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